Crystal's Edit:

Alex is alive his blood is everywhere from the whitelight to the blacklight even if he's not in the 3rd game that's okay because the next main character could be Amaya Heller which is James's daughter because she has some sort of DNA or something soo maybe the next enemy might be Pariah which is Elizabeth Greene's son so maybe Alex will become just a cameo or somethin ?

Also Alex was the good guy in the 2nd game he planned out everything he did that because he knew that no one would believe him so he created a plot that contains killing people and making the evolved and lying to Heller after that he gave the powers to James and Mercer's plan was to die so that when he died maybe James could Destroy the virus that's why Mercer was going easy on Heller and that's why he wasn't using his other powers like Armor so that's it

Also i like the idea of character customization where you can make your own character and what is better is that you can select multiple choices of backstories like you have the option of being the good guy or the bad guy and with a own story and with a multiplayer feature that will be cool and also i would like if the created the option where it's like telltale where the game adapts the choices you make ,where you can choose what to say and there should be new infected and other characters and there could be an option that you will be working for Blackwatch that's all

I think in prototype 3 you should be able to be good or bad and you should be Maya, James Hellers daughter or you could have a choice whether to be Maya or it could turn out that Alex Mercer had a son and if you are Maya, James Heller has to turn her into an evolved to keep her alive and if you are Alex Mercers son he was an evolved from birth and his mum was killed when blackwatch was trying to capture him. In prototype 3 the character who you didn't choose is your enemy. Say you choose Maya Alex Mercers son is your enemy. If you choose Maya then you are an ally of James Heller and an enemy of Alex Mercers son and blackwatch, if you choose Alex Mercers son then you are an ally of blackwatch and an enemy of James Heller and Maya Heller. There should be another company like blackwatch but no matter who you choose you are always an enemy of them. You should have different powers/weapons and/or be able to duel weild. When you summon beasts you should be able to choose which one. You should also be able to turn people into evolved and you have an energy bar for it like in prototype 2 when you use mass or when you summon brawlers and there should also be more monsters. Also please put an online multiplayer mode in it.

i just have one more thing to say: Edit

Character CustomisationEdit

I have two words for you: Character Creator!

I think that James Heller and Alex mercer should be in it James Heller's daughter should get infected with the mercer virus sense James Heller killed all of the infected and his daughter got sick and the only way to save her is to infect her there should be new powers like you could turn people in to infected by firing black light out of your hands if your evil if your good you can cure infected and black watch will help you and you will be able to tell them to do and get giant mole to fight as a main mission and be able to dig holes to move faster and as a attack and a infected cheetah to run super fast and shape shift in to in to any thing infected that you consume all original powers and good she has to kill James Heller and Alex and for evil you work with Alex and James to take down black watch and a new big boss.

Prototype 3 Edit

    1. A New Protagonist ##

Prototype 3 could have a new protagonist, Chris Burpfart

    1. The Alex Master ##

Prototype 3 Can Be Played by Mercer. If The Developer shows Mercer has been absorbed Heller and from inside the Alex absorbed the soldier this time alex has more power to show.



14 months earlier Mercer consumed Captain Cross and experienced his first death. Upon reforming he began his search and destruction of all blackwatch operatives involved in the creation of the virus. Shortly after his mission began the virus within himself grows out of control forcing him to exspell a doppleganger looking version of himself [mercer or the virus killed by Heller] the doppleganger then proceeds to critically wound mercer ( alex himself ) leaving him to pass out and die. Awaking later in his old apartment ( prototype 1 ) of NYC mercer finds his body further altered by the virus [new moves, powers, attacks, a bigger penus, and abilitys] having no memory of returning to his apartment or how long he's been out, mercer proceeds to take his new coat from a dead infected located outside his burnt and wrecked housing ,seeing as his jacket is blood soaked and torn. Seeking out his doppleganger mercer climbs the nearest building only to76.248.84.165 17:39, October 18, 2015 (UTC) find himself looking down upon his dopple gangers death ( end scene of prototype 2 ).


- co-op can finally be made ALEX AND JAMES

- story line is to find the true cause of the viruses

- This story also explains why mercer went from hero in number one to villain in number 2.

- Heller's daughter, Rooks and Dana will also appear here

- plot twist ????


- Who's the antagonist ? Is it Pariah, Heller, Alex or Dana Mercer or Dana  ?



You should be able to control infected enemies. (This is already an ability)

I've read all the story concepts above & I like them all, I'm here will give another several optional plots for an upcoming Prototype 3 game. I'd prefer if it takes the place in NYZ & starts from the red zone. There will be 4 or 5 islands with different infection phases, the main island is the red zone, the NYZ. Now, we can explore the dead zone. If the protagonist is a female, She should have a new devastator style by releasing a sonic frequency scream, killing any lessing enemies (or civilian) in one . The graphics should be improved too, when she screams, all the glasses on the buildings around her should be broken. Another ability that the protagonist should have is able to burn something because he/she has consumed the fire bird or crow (or a fire monster) or whatever it is.

Here are my options for the plot:

Female Protagonist

The story starts before & after the incident of Prototype 2,  when a girl was infected by Alex Mercer in the Red Zone, at the first she follows Mercer's orders. Until the death of Alex Mercer, she wants to take a revenge to Heller, the man who killed Alex Mercer.  On the mission, she has an order by another Mercer's infected to hunt & consume Dana Mercer. After she meets Dana & tries to consume her, Heller comes & fight with her. Lost a fight with Heller, Heller threats to consume her if she doesn't wanna talk to him. When she asks Heller why he killed Alex Mercer, then Heller & Dana tell the reasons. Confused what has she done, then she prefers to follow Heller & Dana. She has the abilities like Alex Mercer & James Heller, her primary weapon is a whip. She also has a new devastator style by screaming loud to make the people & enemies' heads explode around her. Her last mission is to defeat Alex Mercer's right-hand men/women (maybe Pariah) & destroy the infection.

Dana as The New Protagonist

After the incident of Prototype 2, Dana is captured by an unknown evolved and it claims that it's infected by Alex Mercer. It says that Dana should have listened to Alex before he died. Sad being a monster like Alex, she then tries to have a revenge to kill the main antagonist (evolved or maybe Pariah) that has infected her into that monster & clean the city.

Alex Mercer as a Good Man

For prototype 3, the main protagonist I'd prefer a female (maybe Dana) than male (one of Mercer's infected like Heller), Heller is OK too I think, I would like to see Alex has realized what he's done & pleads Heller to free him, inside Heller's mind & dream Alex keeps whispering & always talking with Heller. At first, Alex still whispering to Heller about his bad missions, but Heller ignores him until Alex sees Heller's life in his memories. After some missions, Alex starts to whispering good things to Heller until the end of Prototype 3 game. Promising that Alex will be a good person, Heller frees him by infecting a zombie into Alex's form. Alex loses all his powers, the abilities that he has only shapeshifting, run, dash & empty hands fight. Knows that he has been freed, he later apologizes to Dana & Heller. Then, he regrets & promises (in Mercer's narrative), once again will destroy all the infected. After the incident of Prototype 3, as Rooks asked Heller to leave the city in Prototype 2, then Heller & Amaya leave NYZ. I hope if Alex Mercer comes back to live, he'll be a good man & ready to be the protagonist for Prototype 4.

Alex Mercer as a Bad Man : Murder Your Brother

The title will be "Murder Your Brother" if Dana is the new protagonist. Unlike "Alex Mercer as a Good Man", Alex Mercer keeps whispering Heller until he mad, then Alex manages to take the controls of Heller's body & shifts into Alex's form. Sometimes, Heller still can take the control of his mind, but as the time goes by, Mercer's mind is getting stronger & stronger. The ending of this story will be dramatic if Dana is the protagonist, after Alex lost a fight against Dana & he returns into Heller's form, Dana brings Heller into the incinerator, Heller asks her to burn him with Alex, Amaya sees his father is about to die. Then, Heller says (in Alex Mercer's voice) something unpleasant to Dana & Amaya, Heller is back again in his voice, asks Dana to hurry to kill him & Alex, before Dana burns them, Heller says goodbye to Amaya.

Axella Mercer (the daughter of Alex Mercer)

Alex Mercer as a good man for Prototype 3, the main protagonist, I prefer a teenage girl (maybe is the daughter of Alex Mercer) men and women (like Mercer infected Heller), Heller also OK, I thought. The main character, his name Axella Nickki. Mercer is the daughter of Alex Mercer and Lydia. Her story of her birth and her life, she has been infected since birth. Axella has four brothers and two sisters, she is not like other humans nor infected. She had a good relationship with her family and friends, having met James Heller, she had it was he who had killed his father. Axella with powers, Axella a tomboy, she has friendly and funny friends, Mercer takes to her children how to fight against enemies. Later, Lydia will give birth to twins, but later she met a young man named Jordan, but she fell in love with him, but she did not know he was Heller's nephew.

Lydia Heller (the niece of James Heller)

Lydia Heller is the main character of the game, she was a former high school and the third being Blacklight, she is the daughter of the chief of police and a former scientist, led by a powerful for the revenge of his past, she was the great love of Alex Mercer. Since her birth, her mother died during the birth due to the virus, so her father took care of her to protect her from Mercer, but a little later she became a young woman looking for her graduation this night. she met a mysterious young man named Alex Mercer in his class, but she gets fucked by him, she also saw police, so she found a way out, there was a Blackwatch soldier who shot her, but she activated her powers, but she feels uncomfortable and Mercer takes her in his arms and runs away. After awakening, Lydia can not remember what happened during the attack, she left with her father at the doctor

Long story short:

"Protoype 3: The Prequel"

Main Character: Elizabeth Greene

There is no need to say more. 

Pariah vs James vs Alex Edit

Well I mentioned this on the Pariah character page, but I would like to share it here too. I think in Prototype 3 it should have Pariah being a major player protagonist/antagonist whatever. He was brought in this world not knowing much about himself. He could be naturally drawn to failed subjects meant to be the ultimate being and gain new abilities from these individuals.

Alex Mercer could be revived during the event where James Heller purged NYZ. This act had to leave James physically exhausted and Alex's essence wasn't fully consumed . Alex could have escaped from Jame's body when all the tendrils were released across NYZ. He could take over Gentek and resume his ambitions to make a world full of infected on a much grander scale. He could have the Evolved, Brawlers, Juggernauts and better aerial minions (Crows weren't challenging at all)

James Heller could team up with Rooks since they both want to get rid of infected. James could gain side effect abilities from consuming whitelight. It removes his viral side but leaves inhuman feats of strength, speed and healing. I'd like him to be like hulk was in Ultimate Destruction by using cars, buses and other objects as weapons. He could also be able to remove the virus from individuals.

Pariah could be caught between these two factions.

The First Act could be Pariah living as a normal human vaguely aware that he isn't like other people. The infected could find their way to this place (naturally drawn to Pariah). Pariah is weak since he has never consumed. He could travel with a few humans survivor style and discover his consuming ability. Eventually the military arrive with Blackwatch eliminating the infected and Whiteguard evacuating people. Alex could find his way here drawn to Pariah as well and James is here with Whiteguard. Alex and James start a fight that is ended when the military launches a nuclear strike without James knowledge. Pariah is the only survivor among the friends he's made. He would leave wanted to get rid of the infected and military. (Alex and James both naturally recovered before Pariah woke up and left hours earlier.)

The Second Act could be Pariah reaching a territory where Alex has dominion. A cannot win fight would be triggered with Alex wanting Pariah's abilities. Pariah could escape and Alex sends out minions to hunt him down and bring Pariah to him. Naturally letting one special infected decide they want to consume Pariah for themself only for the opposite to happen. James could be a playable character in this territory as a brief cameo when Pariah is temporarily incapitated in some manner. This is where James could be seen healing individuals and trying to evacuate them to safety. Along the way Pariah could encounter an ultimate infected from Hope, Idaho that wants Pariah to become complete but the opposite happens. Pariah gets strong from these fights and is able to kill Alex by stealing his abilities without consumption and doing something to cause Alex to explode to destroy his territory.

The Third Act could be Pariah making his way to a military safezone where Blackwatch have gained their own scientific division and are trying to create an army of mindless superhumans. There could be standard Super Grapplers, Trappers that focus on limiting Pariah's movements, and Super Demolionist able to lift Gatling Guns and Missle Launchers to deal heavy damage. James could emerge seeing Pariah as just another infected to trigger a cannot win fight (or Pariah could team up with Heller). James would be called away by Rooks upon learning an Ultimate Soldier has been developed and has to be put down before completed. The fight between James and Pariah alert Blackwatch and Whiteguard (military personnel trying to stop renegade Blackwatch members) of the Ultimate Infected. Both sides fight each other while trying to kill him. Pariah could find James on the verge of death as the Ultimate Soldier was too much and totally insane. James could offer himself to Pariah to stop the Ultimate Soldier. This could be a powerboost with drastic sideeffects since James cells are slowly turning Pariah humans (or not just a thought). Pariah's final fight is with the Ultimate Soldier who wants to kill all infected and human.

Well this is my idea free to be used Abeyance 23:49, May 28, 2012 (UTC)

Hello I am Residentmagnum

I would like to see a return of James Heller and firestorm destroy the infected city of New York. I think there is still room for more of this game. If Radical won't make it maybe a competator like Ubisoft would pick it up. This is a great franchise and as a fan I don't want to see it die.

There was a bit of a tease to prototype 2 with alex mercer and i would like to be able to use the new powers that mercer had in future prototype games the juggernauts, flyers, the city infect as Alex Mercer and the city wipe out as SG Heller. I play other games and i would like to see some elements from other games in this.

I would like to be able to summon or spawn monsters that i have already killed. this was an ability in GOW 3 and many of the final fantasy games. if alex mercer could have summon a hunter supreme i think he may have been able to win his fight in Prototype 2 and SG Heller become even more powerful than Mercer.

The Mutations were great i would like to see an expansion on that. Bringing pack old powers and being able to pair them up for combos that was a lot of fun. i hope future games will expand on combos and switiching powers

I would also like to see new characters and an option for create a character for co-op or multiplayer. I would also like to see some kind of replay that is unlocked after you finish the game. Hitman: blood money had many ways to complet a mission however when playing Prototype 1 and 2 even with replay the game felt the same only i have upgraded Powers or all powers.

residentmagnum 11/21/2012

Pariah: Main Character Edit


Personally, i would like to see Pariah as the main character. A story could go as such, 2 to 3 years after James consumed Mercer Blackwatch's atrocities in NYZ zones are uncovered and as situations are calming down in NYZ, all other funding than battling in NYZ are cut so to please public opinion. you play as Pariah, after having attempted to be exucuted because they could not afford to contain him you escape out into a military base and have the story progress from there. Powers that would be cool to see would be evolved pack where you can change citizens into evolved and have them target things. and something everyone would like to see is more virus creatures and more cool powers.if i had to think of a melee power it would be Porcupine like armor and shield spikes put together nd cause damage if they touch you but you can run around,unlike shield. as the story progresses,since you are a perfect incarnation of the virus in not NYZ but a farther away place with only a small military population a progress from a large civillian population to a large infected population with a giant military population would be awesome. along with that people that could be included are james amaya and dana having fled into hiding after escaping NYZ also the person who spoke out against Blackwatch could be included,maybe being one of guerra old friends. since your not james heller and not potentially a good guy you can have a blast such as mercer when he infected penn station the 2nd time infecting citizens your around turning them into infected.the main threat could be either National armed forces. with less concern for doing good you could have a wider range of powers for taking out multiple targets. considering how the game has been going in more of the violent direction less concern may make the character more believable then killing hundreds, probably plenty with kids, then sparing the head honcho because he has a daughter. also be cause he never got a chance to grow up in prison he may have a childs sense of cruelty which may make a nice story

~~B~~ Cant we be Pariah, and the game play out like a little life story. a few missions as a child (tutorial, back story) killing people through "unknown methods" such as the memories from P1 say. how the death of Mother and Alex affected him if at all. as he is messed up in the head due to been contained or so long and something more than human been able to sense that the leaders (mother, Alex, supreme hunter, Heller) are dieing. for the guys morality, he's crazy. he does what he needs to (told to? and not trough a voice we can comprehend) and for once make us a full fledged "bad guy" the game conclusion - we release or so something bad and the series concludes in Prototype 4. and please please bring out a completely new set of powers. (this is where people dislike my post and say then its not prototype that i want) less shape shifting and over powered arm swords (never liked that the sword was better than hammerfist at taking out tanks) and introduce more controlling powers and debilitating powers, making people suffer, controlling them infected or not, telekinesis. i say less shape shifting because isn’t pariah meant to be free of the virus.... maybe limit the shifting to the vials or quantity of viruses you find and if shape shifting is going to come into it, it needs to be more extreme than just an arm or two... it needs to be a unique monster for each power. one last thing make it so you cant max out all of the players stats and powers by the end of the game so 20 upgradeable stats only give the opportunity for 12 for a real unique play through each time. and make an extreme insanity hard mode 2 hits from the equivalent of a hunter and your dead. im fed up of easy game

edit- and if alex has to comeback. have him rip himself out of Heller. none of this crapy hahaha tricked you it was only a clone

A New Character Entirely Edit

So basically Blackwatch and Genteck still have plenty of Whitelight and they turn scientist into an Evolved. But sense Alex Mercer got eaten by James Heller the Evolved has full control over what it. In the game you could either choose to spread the infection, get rid of Blackwatch and Genteck, or bring back Alex Mercer from the dead. A subplot could feature the Whitelight gaining a mind of its own (sense Mercers blood is still in the Whitelight, thus allowing him to slowly bring himself back).

The character could have new powers as well. The character could turn humans into infected and make clones of itself.Serpentaxy400 15:14, June 20, 2012 (UTC)

I would like to see Alex Mercer come back some how. The idear of Pariah becoming the main character is good but to my memory of prototype 1 the infected never age (Dana Mercer says that Elisebeth Green is 50 years old). I also think it would be good if you can dual 2 power and/or use powers while being disguised as a civilian or milletery personnel.

How about... A Character Creation option in the begining of the game... along with some first invection powers and voice acting Male\Female like in Mass Effect!  

Because they mercer put again as protagonist of the story can relive and him are people Genteck


it would start out with you as a normal person in new york and get infected (the first time the virus got out). you start having a mental break down as your running from everyone questioning why you get infected. you go after all infected and army men to find the person who created the virus and your search goes to Pariah and the hope children. you break into a reasearch lab to learn more but on the way out you get druged. waking up strap to a table and they inject you with a new virus and you blacked out. you wake up and run out of and end up in the red zone after all infected are eaten by Heller (end of prototype 2). you end up tagging with Heller, both of you start to searching for Pariah till you find him in the middle of a street. then you get a split road were you decide between to things:

A)Question and help Pariah- you ask Pariah questions and find out he nows near nothing and help him hind as you try to know more about him and the virus. later finding the cure and try to create a wepaon to kill the virus turning all infeated to normal.

B)Leave Pariah alone to search for other leands

1) leaving him alone to be hunted by the government as a distraction so you can sneak into a government base to learn all there is to learn about hope children and Pariah as well as all research done on him.

2) eat pariah to know what he went through and end up leaving Heller to his kid as you search for every reasearcher that had help test both Greene and Pariah that you can either eat them or ask what they know maybe even bother.

A Future, in which Pariah is the Focus Edit

In Prototype 1 We all learned how Greene had a Son, Codename Pariah, who is in Secret Heavy Duty BLACKWATCH/GOVERMENT lockdown, James could Learn of this Seeing him as a Bad Variable, Goes to the Location were Pariah is being Held, To find Codename MOTHER aka Greene, spreading the Infection, And since Heller Consumed Alex he took his memories, and knowledge, meaning that HGe know Greene was Destroyed,defeat and later Consumed by Alex, So he Believes Intially that its Pariah Causing the Panic until later Game, when Heller finds that Greene Did all the Infection Spreading to FIND PARIAH. Meaning, Heller caused the outbreak, Since after he released the massive Swarm of Tentacles all of the Super Infected Beings Alex Consumed, found a way to tunnel out of him when Heller Released, the Massive Amount Tendrils, and Blacklight related Stuff out across the NYZ Area and literally consumed Everything that was infected. But while he did this Greene took the Opportunity to Escape with Little part sof herself that she could gather, and the Super Hunter's DNA, along with some strands of Mercer's to create a Infected Clone of MERCER Labeled Shadow, who is ironically Heller's Main Arch-Enemy,He focuces Specifically to Fight Heller, and Eventually Get to the point were him and Heller go at it 1 v 1 Were Heller, Unmasked Shadow to be Alex Mercer, or atleast the Cloned Version of him, Heller Knowing that he defeated and consumed Mercer in the 2nd Outbreak of NYZ goes into a Denial, with Shadow [ Clone Mercer] Saying, "Its Been fun Catching Up". From this point Heller, goes to Rook, and Dana, Gathering them togather, and Rooks being Honourably Discharged due to his Action in helping Heller at the end of prototype 2. Seeing as they didnt want they're Leader of the NYZ Division of Blackwatch to Disgrace them, So they gave him an Honourably Discharge, and Sent him home. Dana being offered a Job of Being Gentex's and blackwatch's Handler, Meaning If Blackwatch started to Act less like They should act. She could pull the plug, and USM [U.S. Military] Forces would Be called in to Make sure blackwatch stays in Line, and the Same for Gentex. With Them Gathered She Tell both the Ex-Colonel of Blackwatch Rooks, and The resently Promoted Goverment Agent Dana Mercer the Dark News, that Mercer is Alive.With this Dana and Rooks go they're seperate ways, Rooks going to the Survivors, and Acting as a People's Leader, Making Armed Civilians who Fight infected Creatures, Meaning He'll Rally the people, Creating Guerilla Troops and Such to fight the infection and any Rogue Gentex\Blackwatch\Any other Military Group or Gov Agency That Cause them a Problem, While Dana Does research on a Sample, of a Wound Heller Recieved From shadow, that isn't Healing, But in fact is Growing. With this Dark News, She Discover's it is her brother DNA, But Mixed with Greene's Meaning that The Mercer Clone has His powers and his Mind, BUT not his Strength or Ability, Due to Most of the Missing DNA Links being Provided by Greene and the Newly Regenerated Super Hunter. Making him Stronger than the Original Alex, BUT not having the Amount of DNA Consumed, or Expierence Making him Weaker. [ Meaning if alex had started off like this in Proto. 1, he would of been a 60% Larger Threat, meaning he had Greater regenerative Abilities,More Strength and Power, and a larger range of Skills] Meanwhile Rooks is Gathering the Remainder of the Survivors and keeping close knit ears For Rumor that Dana or Heller Cant Achieve or Gather. Meanwhile Greene continues her Hunt From NYZ in the Beginning of the Game to other Parts of the US Ranging from Colorado, to a New Version of Hope Idaho, were Heller, Dana,and Rooks gather information on her Past more in detail, along with the Development, and creation along with details on the Blacklight Viruses 6 Strains, The Original Virus Created in Hope Idaho Which was Originally Called [REDLIGHT] The 2nd Strain, Created By Dr.Mercer's Scientist Team at Gentex, The [Mercer Strain] of BLACKLIGHT. The 3rd Strain the DX-1120 Aka [Project D-Code] The Strain Originally used to Create Prototype 1's Super Soldier Which were Pretty much Wiped out by Mercer. The 4th Strain the [Bloodtox] Cure Strain utilized by Blackwatch\Gentex and the Military Force in prototype 1 to Combat the infection along with Mercer. The 5th Strain Aka the [Project Orion] Virus Strain Created from Blacklight samples, to Combat the Growing Mercer Virus, and Heller in Prototype 2, Although The Phase 2 Version which was merged with the Mercer Virus was Destroyed By Heller, the Phase 1 Still Remains in High Quantities, in Several Gentex Facilities around the world. The 6th and Final Strain [WHITELIGHT] Developed By Gentex to Combat the Effect of the Mercer Strain, All sample in NYZ were polluted by Mercer's EVOLVED Agents, and later Destroyed by the Combined efforts of The Military,Blackwatch and of course Heller. After Gonig around the US, from NYZ, to New Hope Idaho, Colorado, Vegas, and ETC and Eventually to the Secret Facility in DC were Pariah is being Held. Heller and Rooks, Along with Dana trail Greene as she Makes a Warpath to find Pariah, But Leaving Shadow and his Deformed Clone Brother, the Watchers To Deal with the Infection Until its on a large enough scale were a Watch can be Left. Now the Strains of Blacklight, Play a Crutial Role, as almost each location Greene, and shadow assault, Gentex had a Facilitiy with Stores of the Virus Strains, with Greene, Creating Redlight Infected, being her Strongest Infected Underlings, Mercer Virus Strain Infected being everythin gin Prototype 2 We Fought, from Brawlers,Juggernauts, flyers, the D-Code Being used to Make Supersoldier to Combat some infection while Orion Strain is used to Make "Dis-Infectors" Soldier who Can Cure some Minor and less infected Beings,and Destroying Lairs and Such Without the use of Deadly Explosive Tools, or large Vehicles. bloodtox being used a Poison that will be Utilized by Soldier who Shoot it out of Flame Thrower like guns to kill large swarms of infected, or to weaken large ones. and WHITELIGHT being used as a Cure for and Prevenitive Vacinations to Stop the Infection. While Dana Works her Magic i nthe Goverment to Slowdown, and Stall Greene, and While rooks uses His Military Expirence to Help Heller, and Rally the Surviving Military\Blackwatch units and the Civillians to fight the infection and create Safe-Havens aka. You come to let say New Hope Idaho, in the beginning its almost all destroyed, by the time you leave they'res Blackwatch soldiers who fight back infected, and Military\Civillian Guerilla's that Protect civillian safe-Havens. and Eventually End with Greene Freeing Pariah, But with Pariah to Consume Most of Greene, Leaving her Weakened and unable to control the Infection, and Pariah Becoming an unwilling Antagonit who he Literally Splits himself, Taking his Dark half and Creating and Entity that Helps Greene n Shadow, and the Half that Doesn't want all this Helping Dana,Rooks, and Heller. Leading to a Climatic Battle in which Dana Sees the Clone of her brother put down for good, and Rooks Seeing as pretty much all of the Remaining Infected individuals are either Consumed by Heller, or Destroyed by the Goverment, with few being kept secretly for a Prototype 4 Sequel.

~~Alex Heller~~

RPG? Edit

I think there should be RPG elements in the 3rd game, the plot/ suggestions are at follows:

sgt james heller defeated the infection in NYZ and helped to rebuild the city. However the blackwatch and gentek is still trying to catch him to turn him into a bio-weapon. He was later captured but escaped but Alex mercer was physically seperated with him(due to gentek's experiments). Mercer got out of NY and infected the nearby towns and cities, forcing the US army to seal the area ( this can let the players enjoy a bigger map.)

Meanwhile, the newly elected US government decided to cut all ties with gentek but the Blackwatch disobey the orders given and join in gentek (due to money) and the US army was forced to engage both blackwatch/gentek and the infected. the good news is James heller is now back in the marines to help them out.

In the game, the player is going to play as a civilian who was infected by gentek experiments. He can choose to: for the US army (with bombers, gunships, APCs and tanks that can be summoned to help the player) for blackwatch (give some mutations that can upgrade the player's ability and blackwatch operatives/motor strike can be summoned.) for the infected (gives the player lots of mutations, XP, pack leader....)

The player's actions will determine which faction win. eg if the player kills lots of infected, Alex mercer will hate him a lot and the infected will lose......etc.

Also, I really hope that there will be more firearms and abilities in game. For example G36C carbine/frags........

More Powers to upgrade! and more upgrades... like it was cool that the first level of the blade in P2 was like a dull blade but as you upgrade it it turns into a bigger sharper blade!

Powers like! duble blade hands like the evolved had! better gliding or even no gliding at all! make the last updrade of the gliding like a mutated Wings! that will allow you ro fly like the infected crows!

Speaking of power up?! Bring back Alex's armore!

Bustead (talk) 13:49, July 30, 2012 (UTC)busteadBustead (talk) 13:49, July 30, 2012 (UTC)

Prototyope 3 Edit

​It would be awesome to get Alex Mercer back! 

We all know that Alex killed Elizabeth Greene 2 super hunters and knows the alot about the virus, he cant be defeated buy a guy who is infected for few days. We all know that peaople say prototype 1 is better than prototype 2 and Alex is one the reasons.  Maybe Alex's spirit will leave in James and tries to communicate

with him.... or, we all know that James pulled out Mercer's hands at the end of a fight, virus creates infected pustule around his arms and regenerate Alex Mercer.

The story can be that Alex and Heller become friends and fight vs Pariah or Pariah and Mercer vs Heller.  We want to control Alex mercer again, cause he is fun to play. You can make him talk in gameplay like James In   P2. The story can be in some island (with high buildings of course).... hmm I dont know I could be anywhere (with high buildings) you decide. First we need to find Pariah looking in the gentek and blackwatch files, consuming their people and those stuff . New powers can be to spread the virus around us like Alex in one of the videos in prototype 2 and to keep  the claws, blade and shield you can also add the power to see through the eyes of nearby people or monsters. The story will be like a 1-2 months after James eated Alex and the adventure begins!

Some fixes/addons:                                                                                                                                                    When we are driving a tank or APC, when we cross ower a car in the middle we smash the whole car, when we cross ower the left or right side only left or right half of car will be smashed. Cars will be normal size so that the humans inside them wont be special models like in P1) . You can add some particles and small car parts when they crash...... that is all from me for now ;D I hope you like it 

sorry if I have some grammar mistakes

Prototype 3 possibilites to fix P1/2 problems. Edit 20:45, August 3, 2012 (UTC) Z :(

I feel like they need to dive more into the past of Alex. Maybe start out the game playing as the original un-infected Mercer, before the whole virus catastrophe even began. We never actually got to experience what the real Alex was like or how much the infection destroyed his family. The only thing about Mercer that we know about was his unstable infected side, not his original personality or interests. Maybe play the game as he and Karen Parker hook up, then see how he becomes suspicious of Gentek and eventually getting shot at Penn Station. Not that I want this game to be any sort of chick-flick or soap opera type shit, I just believe it would round the game out and have a much more satisfactory feeling to it to be knowledgeable on these topics.

Personally, I feel like the endings of the 1st and 2nd Prototype were mediocre. I was completely underwhelmed with the ending in the first Prototype. Honestly the only thing that really happened was; Alex fights the final boss, wins, saves Manhattan then explains that "the other Alex is dead," and that he is a monster.....which we already knew in the first place! As for the second one, I enjoyed the idea of Heller killing Alex, BUT, it didn't live up to my expectation. After the first Prototype I think it's safe to say that nearly everyone who plays it likes Mercer over Heller. Only because he is the character we bonded to first, we lived through how he became what he did and followed the story into why all of this happened. Alex Mercer was the character we explored this story with first and is the one we are all attached to. Now with that said, the ending of P2 was a good idea, up until the point where we didn't learn anything new about Alex. Once we looked into his memories we only saw what affected Heller. This could have been a perfect opportunity with a long cutscene of all of Mercer's memories in a nutshell, but it was completely chopped short and only lasted a couple of seconds; this character deserved more justice in his final appearance. All in all the awesome gameplay and entirety of the whole plot line should have made up for a terrible ending, but not for me.

Now, this could just be me grieving over the loss of Alex during the 2nd Prototype, but I truly feel like they should incorporate Alex into the P3 somehow (if there is one), without making it redundant. I could certainly see MANY ways of how this idea could go wrong and turn the game into absolute shit, but without Alex Mercer (mind you, the one who CREATED the Mercer Virus) in the game, it just wouldn't even feel like a Prototype game at all. After all Alex Mercer was fricken nuked and he survived it in the end of the game, as we see his body re-constructing itself. I don't see why being consumed by Heller would have any different of an effect? Hopefully Radical Entertainment can find a way to incorporate playing Alex in P3 without making him feel completely overused and unnecessary.

i would like to see a story involving pariah his character is shrowed in mystery and could potentially lead to a kick ass character stronger than both mercer and heller now that would be intersting

Prototype 3??

I definitely think that the game should feature a "HEROINE". Yes a female protagonist. She could be a teenager present during the events at Penn Station and was infected without her knowing it. As it turns out, this girl is a daughter of one of the scientists assigned to Pariah. While visiting her father/mother, she gets to meet Pariah or passes by Pariah's cell. Pariah then notices the infection. An attraction between the two then develops leading to the escape of Pariah, of course with the girl's help. It would be nice if the girl was a weak and frail-looking but goddamn gorgeous brunette :P

And of course she discovers her power while being bullied by superior females and gets to consume them.. Suits them bitches just fine.. Alex is then found out to be brought back to life and kidnaps the parent of the girl together with a weak Pariah. Since Alex is a geneticist, he would want to utilize Pariah's powers to aid him in creating more Evolved.

And the expected happens. The girl learns more of her powers and tries to rescue her parent and of course Pariah. But she soon gains the attention of Heller and the army and tries to stop her. As the story progresses she gains more powers by consuming other infected and frees Pariah but in turn she gets caught by Alex and is experimented on thus enhancing more of her abilities that would equal to Alex and Heller. But her body could not control her power and she goes berserk, destroying anything in her path. Heller tries to kill her but Alex saves her in the nick of time only to be held captive once more.

Pariah, discovers his powers with the help of the girls parents. And being the child of Elizabeth Greene, he could create and control vast armies of infected. Pariah goes out for a series of quests to save her. The CLIMAX would be a battle between the four: Alex, Heller, Pariah and of course the girl who is still berserk.

The girl gains the upperhand against the three because of Alex' experiments on her. But Pariah then gains the full potential of his power and effortlessly blows Alex and Heller away. He then lets the girl a portion of her DNA in order for her to gain back sanity. This ends with Pariah sitting back as the girl defeats Alex and Heller at the same time. She then consumes them.

Sometime later, the girl is found out to be the only cure to the infected due to her receiving the DNA of both the PROTOTYPE and the PERFECT SPECIMEN.

They then spend their time in the reconstruction of NYZ while battling the army at the same time..

Well, a guy can dream can't I? :D


Prototype 3 in my style Edit

ok for me prototype 3 story should be about dana being infected she will chose bettwen evil or good

the evil part will be when dana will resurect alex mercer and kill james heller the bigining will be alex's virus will go to dana and will give dana half of alex powers and dana will have a journey around the world to find someone who can ressurect alexmercer at first the tutorial will be like prototype 1 when you have all the powers allready and the powers will be gone after the tutorial after tutorial heller will see dana at first dana and heller are a team but later in the game dana will betray heller and kill him the hunters will be back but with new powers other than just there fist they can use objects to pick them up and trow them to dana in the middle of the story dana will meet some one named Ragin Blade who knows how to ressurect mercer then they will need some stuff to get him back from the dead she will must find these the sword of daggers which will be find in Rooks new hidout the hidout will be in mexico where she will take a plane to get there after she gets the dagger she must find snow dust witch will be find in the dessert with the boss goliath after she gets the item she and ragin must go to NY and find the place where alex died when they find it heller will be there waiting for them will then the battle will begin after heller is consumed by her alex will be resurected and turn everyone infected

for the good part dana will team up with heller and they must find a cure for the virus witch has been scatered by another mad scientist named Raven after dana will get his powerers when heller gives some of the left over DNA from mercer and she will find and kill Raven along the way heller dauther came along and soon got infected and she became a evolved too later in the game heller is killed by a new monster called rift walker a rift walker will go to parrarel worlds and and go to realworlds end at the end of the game dust dana will find also a evolved and she must kill her in order to stop mercer from being ressurected

i also like them to put new powers like world waker when dana can go to parrarel worlds the juggernuts will be alot badass coz they will have the power to grab and trow you away there will also be a new vision called pararel vision which dana can see who is in the parrarel worlds also a new power that will frezze time and dana will be the only one that could move but the frezze power will be timed for every time you frezze time you mass power decreses the new power i like to put also is ray fist like the pain devastator it unleashes viral attacts that will be good for multiattacts

my name is Francis and i want prototype 3 to be like this peace 10:13, September 8, 2012 (UTC)MPDX

i think next prototype protagonist must be alex mercer and abit story i think mercer still alive somewhere else the one consumed by heller is copy of alex mercer created by himself or somehow alex manage to separate himself from virus then become weak and bieng inprison somewhere by virus and the one consumed by heller is the virus after that alex escape from his prison somewhere but he lost most his ability and trying to contack his sister

Prototype 3 in India { bcoz of various stray animals }

I know this is not going to happen but if we think it happens in India then many more evolved zombies could be created as

  • infected dogs
  • infected goats
  • infected buffaloes
  • infected bulls
  • infected elephants[temples and tribals and in south reigon]
  • infected cats
  • infected pigs
  • infected snakes
  • more population thus more regular infected and evolved

the story line could be like Pariah is being researched in india as there are very less safety rules the virus could be spread due to poor management [like it happened in the Bhopal Gas Tragedy]. Alex[he is alive as the person consumed by heller was only a part of his biomass] also comes to India to find peace after everyone knows he is dead and thus transferring the responsability to maintain peace to heller.Alex discovers that beggars were being used as test subjects as no one notices where do the beggars go. He contacts his sister, Dana, [who knew that he was alive and wanted to live in peace away from both blackwatch and gentek] heller catches her talking to mercer and asks her how he could be alive? she explains everything to heller and his view towards heller changes and he also comes to know that her wife was killed by blackwatch and not mercer and also mercer gave her daughter support at such a hard time. heller also comes to india to help mercer take down gentek and blackwatch.

Pariah escapes during this time acting as virus' brain. He has more power than heller + mercer team and is angry due to his imprisionment and knowing that his mother is killed.Both work together to take down the two factions. The gameplay could be like player chooses the character he wants to play during the gameplay like he can switch to mercer as he has armour while he could become heller for his tendril and biobomb ability.The missions could be like character specific or may be team play like one works while other defends. they could also be like one gets captured during a mission and other goes to save him.anyways a storyline of this kind would be far more interesting than making heller and mercer enemies.

                                                                                                                                 11:37, September 28, 2012 (UTC)u f.o. 11:37, September 28, 2012 (UTC)


my idea of prototype 3


it started as you/protagonist (you can create your charcter but the name of your character has limited choices so they can say your name) being a captain of the blackwatch (which still exist since in the story plot in prototype 2 didn't say that blackwatch has been eliminated) and leading a squadron of soldiers following a new leader which is the antagonist (who wants world domination but you will only know his plot after meeting Spectre Vale which is the support of the protagonist) and will keep you on stand by but after a few months of peaeful living, GENTEK and BLACKWATCH tested a new bioweapon which was called project jupiter which was used on soldier of blackwatch and was developed by gentek which are attached on the soldier itself (i got the idea from GOD EATER BURST)

but the first try changed the soldier into a monster which was uncontrollable and consumed living org. and if they ever get wounded by a hit from the infected they slowly transform from human to uncontrollable monsters who eats flesh which escaped from captivity and started to spread the virus and the monster who started the virus was called BIOBEAST it has abilities like shapeshifting and if it eats mechanical weapons he can create it but the ammunitions are bodily fluids hardened. It gains capabilities from whatever it eats but more enchanced like for example it ate a cat it can grow claws that are sharper and longer and jaws bigger,and since the project failed they  started a new project but only enchances human capabilities like supersoldiers and it was the phase one of PROJECT METEOR. you were the first one to be tested and it was sucessful and because of that they started phase two and it was you first and added more of the cell enchancer 7516 ion which were used in phase one and for phase two they used cell mutator 521a comet and tested the results but they saw no increase in ability except for when they injected you another dose of the cell enchancer so they tested you out in the red zone but you got seperated and took away by one of the infected monsters and tortured you but you still fended off and survived but wounded so it means you are infected  


  • bring alex back and don't make him the bad guy make him the good and heller should be the one who get consumed and more power about 6 or 5 power and try to make all new and upgrade style should not be like P2 OR P1 but like P3 and consumeing should be much more faster39.47.31.195 09:30, October 1, 2012 (UTC)

Thoughts on a Prototype 3Edit

I was pretty upset with Prototype 2. It wasn't even that they killed Alex. It's that they demonized him. They spent a whole game just ripping his character into shreds, and once they were done making him the most reprehensible character they could think of, they killed him. Tossing him in the trash, as it were. He was a better character than that; hell, it's been half a year and I still get upset when I think about what happened in P2.

I may be a fangirl, but I'm not deluded. Alex was no hero. But he wasn't a villain either; he just had no inherent sense of morality, and by the time he did (around the end of the first game), he already had the blood of thousands on his hands; he was already set on his path. But he wanted to stop the virus, and he cared about his sister. He denounced Blackwatch's experiments, and he definitely hated the mad scientist types, his former self most of all.

Then Prototype 2 happened. I could have bought Alex going mad from his own viral urge to spread, but having an unrealistically bleak soul-searching trip and deciding to become Albert Wesker at the end of it... just thinking about it makes me mad. It didn't suit him, and it felt like a ham-fisted move to me. 

If a Prototype 3 could still happen... I just want to see Alex again, the Alex I knew from Prototype 1 - the Alex that was this confused, distrustful, animalastic character that still had his own odd set of morals. The Alex that loved Dana. The melodramatic villain that showed up in his clothes in Prototype 2 was just... not Alex. Tie-in comics or not, they turned everything about him on its back; his mannerisms, his morals, his speech patterns, hell, even his face didn't look right. I just want the old Alex back - the one that would have found everything that the Prototype 2 Alex did to be utterly abhorrent.

My ideal P3 would have that the Alex in Prototype 2 wasn't really Alex - honestly, there's a huge slew of possibilities for that to work. A fragment of him that regenerated from the nuke separately, the Supreme Hunter, Pariah. The real Alex is either still travelling the world somewhere or had been captured and held by the fake Alex. Either he's drawn back to Manhattan after finding out what happened, or fake Alex's death let him escape. Of course, Heller's not going to see the difference, Alex isn't good at making a case for himself, and Dana is torn between wanting to believe him and not being able to trust him. Anything goes from here.

I like this setup because it allows for both Mercer and Heller to be good characters; they can both get their time in the spotlight, and you'd be able to like one without having the other's fanbase jumping down your throat.


Prototype 3 ideas Edit

Prototype 3 should have alignments, more stories, new weapons, more on finishers everything, more mutations, more atrributes (more skill bar so you can spent more and earn more effects), more abillities, and new enemies. Prototype 3, in my opinion, should have one recurring evolved who acts in similar wars that Alex did in the first game and Heller in the second. A powerful character who, in addition to being able to slaughter civs, infected, soldiers, blackwatch etc. is also capable of consuming any NPC and taking on their form, just as the main character does in the first two. There should be a random chance of encountering this evolved when interacting with anyone - when attacking someone, attempting to consume them, or being near them when performing highly visible actions. Better yet, the game could keep track of where they are. Just knowing that whenever you perform an action, you might be about to fight an evolved more powerful than yourself... well, the player could begin to feel how blackwatch scientists must feel all the time during games one and two.


The path can be chosen whether Dana controls the world and resurect Alex (evil), or destroy all the remaining undetected Evolved and infected to save the world from global zombie apocalypse (good). First, Dana went to Alex's apartement, she found a vial of BLACKLIGHT and then she begin to missed Alex. Without hesiation, she injected the virus and then passed out, lying on the floor, weak and desperate, without recollection of her past just like her brother, she searched for Alex, then she asked Heller and Heller tells her he killed Alex, driven by vengeance Dana seek revenge on Heller. Meanwhile, Heller sent Amaya to Colette mother's house by hijacking a chopper and moving his daughter to safety, unfortunately Dana leap from a skyscrapper and destroyed the chopper, both Heller and her daughter fall down, but because of falling from great height, Amaya couldn't saved and dies. Fueled by even greater anger, Heller rampaged on every infected and Evolved hiding in lairs, killing and consuming them. Dana flees and then searches Ragland. Ragland then helps Dana to resurect Alex, but he have to get Alex's DNA sample. Dana confront Heller, then when she attacks Heller, some of Heller's blood spilled, she took it as a DNA sample for Alex. Ragland then separate the DNA's in Heller's blood, and found a structure of Alex's DNA. He then incubated that DNA with the virus. Ten days later, Alex was resurected. Alex then helps Dana spread all the virus and 'save' humanity. Then Heller found out about Ragland, he then hunt and consumes him. Heller recognized an even greater threat is ahead. With Rook's help, the fate of the world is determined by Heller.

Upon ending, the player also unlocked playable characters, such as Alex and Heller, also for completing all achievements, the player will unlock another story, Pariah. Pariah is neutral and eventually he will have to choose a side, and change the world. Or he can remain neutral and kill Dana, Alex, and Heller, and restore balance and let the Blackwatch and Gentek to control the virus, then Manhattan is now a gargantuan biological laboratory. Eventually, after finishing game with every character, Blackwatch will search and kill the player, but every time they strike, the player retaliates by destroying their army and crushed one of their bases. But it repeats just like when you finished Prototype 1, new lairs, new side quests, and still Evolving, also collectibles for mutations. The EP reward for consuming DNA and completing missions shoould be raised.

There should be more weapons (scythe, axe, and slingshots). The main idea of slingshots is the the character form a Y shaped stick with one of their hand attached by a very flexible yet strong muscle, capable of launching biomass as powerful as bullets, and when upgraded, it can be as powerful as rockets with small devastator upon impact. Can also launch several biomass to create shotgun-like slingshots. Every bar of biomass restores 100 bullets. The scythe is a powerful crescent blade on an end of a pole. The axe is just like Koenig's axe, but longer, bigger and only single handed. Both could be upgraded just like the blade, also some new moves like running and then slashing (like Prototype 1). Also finishers on Evolved is renewed, not just regular consume like consuming civillians and infected, like throwing them up and then smash them with hammerfist, cover them with whipfist then slam them, body surf then stomp em' real good (bare hands), smash with blade and let the impact upon landing slices them, stick claws then dash to penetrate them. The finishers on tanks should be new too, but with bare hands unchanged. With claws, you rip the tank entrance door then slice them inside, with hammerfist you jump then slam your hands to them, with blades you slice until the top of the tank is ripped, with fist you hooked up the tank barrel, then slam it to the tank.

Mutations, they should make even MORE mutations, for defensives mutations example, the player should be able to regenerate faster and rage mode. So when you're stuck then you can rampage, rampage increases damage, better vision, damage taken reduced, knockout distance reduced, and can't be distracted while attacking, faster attack speed, more biomass gained, also special finishers. Also, while blocking you should be able to move. There also should be boost for movements, like slower dropping while gliding, faster gliding, more dashes, and even further dashes, faster run and wall run, higher jump height, faster dropping (while not gliding), so you can do checkpoint missions (or whatever you call that) better. For predator mutations, the player can go completely unnoticed while in disguise, reduce viral sonar sensitivty even better. For offense, you should be able to kick people like kicking a biobombed civillians.

Also skill points, the developers should make more skill bar, so player can achieve even better effects, the final skill point is so epic, that you must fill it with three points at once. For movement, you can turn very quickly while running, run 200% even faster, and jump higher. For health, you can completely fill your health by converting your biomass. For biomass, you're able to completely fill your biomass bar, when consuming large infected creature like brawlers, evolved, goliaths, etc. For stealth, you're able to immediately shapeshift after consuming (not stealth) so you can lose alert better. For devastator, you can epicly do like Heller did in Prototype 2 ending, spawning a very large tendril barrage devastator on six directions (but doesn't cover the city entirely and instead a radius of 500 m) that could destroy everything so easily. For finishers, you can make powerful impacts while finishing, that could kill civillians and weak infected nearby.

Abillities, they should even better increase the effect of pack leader, like spawning infected with brawlers, when upgraded you can spawn juggernauts, flyers (like in Prototype 2 final battle) to attack a certain enemy, and ultimately, spawn hydras. The biobomb is also when upgraded to max that upon impact, they explodes with such force, knocking out everything then devastates, grabbing everything and pulling them together, then booms them. Their also should be disguise form saver, to save some forms consumed, with max (fully upgraded) of 5 forms can be saved, so you don't have to consume the same people again. There also should be weapon special moves when upgraded, to the max of course.

Also new realistic zombie apocalypse, like infected children, dogs, and animals that lived in NYZ. Some of them can also mutates into infected monsters, like dogs becoming wolf-like, cats becoming tiger-like, and some humans has monstrous body parts, for example, some infected has a large yellow, bubbly part that can explode, also huge arm that deal normal damage, and runners (fast infected). And I'd like to share my favourite type of enemy, the destructor, a hive that lives on a building, has gigantic arms, hydras nearby (serves as tentacles), shoot exploding biomass, immovable, but double the size of a goliath. Much like Greene, but easier and has finishers, unlike you have to hit it until it dies. It has massive pustules that can spawn brawlers and infected, or basically a living fortress.

~~The organism of destruction~~

Personally, I liked Alex Mercer a lot in prototype 1. Prototype 1 contained also information about Hope and Pariah. The story in that game was much deeper than the story of prototype 2.

I would like to see that Alex Mercer returns somehow, in a good way. James Heller was awesome, but he only cared about his revenge towards Mercer. Now James has Maya back, so he could play a role in prototype 3 or not, that doesn't really matter to me, although it would be awesome to have 2 storylines in the game. One storyline where James Heller should do a number of missions and one storyline where Alex Mercer does a number of missions. In the end they would discover all about Pariah, who is treathening not only NYZ, but the whole world. Alex Mercer and James Heller, with background help of Dana Mercer and Colonel Rooks should eradicate Pariah in the end, so the world will be clean from the virus spreading disaster once and for all.

In the end, there will be a cure, which will be spreaded world wide, and cure all the infected, including the evolved like Mercer and Heller. They would be the people who will spread the cure, and so far the thrillogy will end and humanity would be save


I know that in PT2 as you upgraded you could see a visual change to your powers, and there were 3 versions for each power, bu i like games with ton of upgrades and addons and choices, so although radical entertainment shudown, i would like to see another company take the rains and come out with an even better game:

New Abilities: each has 3 upgrade levels, each power has a finisher/tank/helicpter/ship destruction animation

Class 1: --------------- HAMMER

Hammer Fist-your standard hammer fist from PT2, Finisher=Super dive smashe causes spikes to burst all around and a crater

Spike Fist-Quill like spike on fist, when you punch they extend, you can also fire them in short rapid bursts, Finisher= Spikes burst all around and impale everything

Impact Fists-Able to absorb grenades into hammer fists, impacts casue explosions, so its like and exploding punch, Finisher= Absorb over 20 grenades and then smash fists to casue large explosion

Class 2:------------- SWORD

Blade arm-standard blade arm from PT2, Finisher, grow the blade twice as large and then do a run and jump strike that cuts an enemy in two, works on most bosses and tanks/copters

Katana Arm-thinner and longer version of blade arm, faster more spinning moves, finisher= spinning balde attack that moves you foward through a crowd like a magic bullet

Serrated Hooks- two mantis like blades tht start at the elbow and end in a small hook, a lot of chained attacks that include scissor slices and hooted attacks and uppercuts, Finisher= serrated edges exten, you stand in place an spin, enemies hookes onto the serated edges, like weedwacker

Class 3:------------------ CHAIN

Wipfist-standard wiparms, Finisher= (ground)-group of tentacles extend and burst through ground and then burst back out and penetrate target, (air)- extend and burst through target

Kudgel arms- spiked growth at the end of a chain, like a morning star, swing them around and basically kudgel enemies, Finisher= super smash and sweep.

Acid Fire- fire a burning stram of acid that is set on fire to simoultaneously burn and disolve, Finisher= shoot a pol of asid around you and ignite, melting those around

Class 4:-------------------- DAGGER

Claws-standrad clasw, Finisher, Jup and spike into ground, three sharp spike burst at target from the ground

Pincers- like african scorpion claws, can both crush and slice, kinda like bolt cutters, Finisher=havent though of one

Class 5:------------ SHIELD (no finishers)

Shield Arms-standard shield arms from PT2

Heavy armour- can fly nor glide with it, doubles defenive capabilities you can youse Hammer attacks and Sword but nothing else, no other arnour

Light Armour-you can fly and use every atack exceot Hammer and Sword

Special Class:-------------

Sword Wings- metalic wings made of blades srput and allow you to glide, also have a spinning attack a dive attack, and can be used as light armout on you back, Finisher= all the blades on you wings seperate and are thrown, spearing enemies, they then explode

Bio Control-Take control of targeted enemy and attack others with it, let it defend or attack for you, or set it our to suicide explode

Bio Purge-send out a virsu cloud that casuses enemies to explode

Aqua form:--- Allows you to swim underwater withought drowning

Crystal Form-Like spike fist but with sharp blodd red shards, hammer victines turns them into catalysts, they crystalize, Finisher, crystals grow in a crcular pattern shredding everything


Predeator Sense: same as in PT2

Infared vision- lets you see in total dark, in daylight allows you to sense body heat

Control to the chaos Edit


I would prefer seeing a new character, and a new city, like LA or something. for the past 2 years James Heller has been searching of every Gentek research center there is, to find the last trace of the Virus. In (LA) he finally finds it, and he doesn't like it: Pariah, and with his DNA, dozens of dead people who gave their corpse for donation, got turned into Evolved. When trying to destroy Pariah, James triggers a failsafe which activated all of the prisoners. Pariah, not nearly on full power, is forced to flee, and James turns to the Subjects. Among the Subjects, is the main character, a 19-year old man. The Protanagist will escape Heller, by tricking him, taking some of his Bio-intel (tendrils) and getting a mass of weaker Subjects to attack him. you, and the other escaped Subjects, and worst of all, Pariah, each take over a separate piece of the city. you battle both Heller, the Infected, Blackwatch, and Evolved as Pariah in order to establish order in the chaos. in the end, you get to a warhead of gentek that can launch a substance over global level, were Heller and pariah are found fighting: you can either help Pariah, and inject the Virus into the warhead, or help Heller, and make a Cure, inject it, with the results that all infected, including you, will perish within the hour. regarding who you help, controls who you will fight as final boss.

New weapons: Ranged weapons: Darts: a power created by the Protanagist himself, which makes his fingers sharp and allows him to fire them into opponements, will very quickly kill soldiers and weak infected. gained in the start of the game, after the attack of the first Evolved, the Protanagist sees his body remould and creates them as an expiriment. charge will release all darts in a shotgun effect

Hive darts: Darts fused with the same extract found in hives, which will turn civilians and soldiers into infected.

Blast cannon: a ball which is created from special bulbs found around hives. these bulbs contain a infection strain that will violently destroy itself with an explosion if exposed to air. deadly effective against soldiers and weak walkers, but only harrasment to tanks and heavy infected.

Harpoon: a single, huge Dart wich is capable of aiming freely if you hold the attack button

Melee weapon: Scyte: 2 arm blades which are very effective against small, but durable Infected.

Fighting system: there are 2 weapon modes, Flexible and Pure. Flexible is as in PT2, with one weapon on lmb and another on rmb. if you equip one weapon into both slots, Pure is gained, which will extent the moves, more as in PT 1, and give a secondary charged attack, like with tendrils being able to Mass Consume.

Health system: Mass will gain a much bigger role. if you get wounded, you will start using up mass for health regen (of course, consuming still works too). health regens at 2 times the rate mass decreases, which allows a full mass bar to double ones health. of course, this also makes that Mass never can be higher than health. mass will also decrease with the use ranged attacks and shifting weapons. if you dont have mass, health will decrease instead, which also goes for devestators. Enemies will sometimes perform attacks like ripping of an arm or leg, which will only decreases mass if you have enough. if you shift back a weapon or consume and enemy with a dart in him, you will regain mass. Mass will also determine the strenght of some charged attacks, like Black hole, which will keep shooting tendrils, up to 4 times as much as Massless, or spike fields. bullet dive and air chop are also determined by mass, as it increases both the impact radius as the speed max velocity is reached.

Upgrade system: the upgrade system will be more PT 1 like. Whenever you kill a stronger infected, he will gain a certain amount of bio-intel of one or more weapons, for example, a hunter-like enemy gives BI for claws, and a Juggernauth for hammer and shield. a weapon has multiple stats it can be trained in, mostly Potential, power and reach. Potential both increases power of the special as some other stats, for example, the anchoring capacity of a normal Tendril attack, and the power of black hole. maxing potential gives a Devestator attack of the weapon. Power gives strengt and breaking force. maxing it will either make the attack much more devestating to armor, like sharp claws, armor piercing Darts, and slicer Tendrils, or highly increase the charge attack, like Heavy whipfist, which can tear weaponizable things of tanks and helicopter, or just highly increase damage, like Diamond edge blade. reach effects the AoE and range, though it isn't applied to most ranged weapons, who use accuracy instead, except for the Blast cannon, who will give Fragmentation plates when maxed (small plates which will shred organics and cause high amounts of colleteral damage). maxing the hamerfist will grant Air pockets, causing streams of air to blast away small targets and increase stunning power against stronger infected. all upgrades will gradually change the weapon's look. each stat is 5 times upgradabel, and the upgrade cords will be illustrated on top of the weapon on the background, allowing you to directly see the change. the cords will often follow the weapon, like the cords of Claws going on the fingers

there is also the Main upgrade, in which you can upgrade speed, jump, unarmed power, consitution (both mass and health) and hive mind (increases the power of your infected, increases the amount of powerfull infected in your zone, and increases Bio-bomb capabilities). maxing out any of them will grant a new power, named Body mods. Speed will grant Race body, crooking your legs and giving claws instead of feet, highly increasing movement speed, jump will give Raven body, granting wings that allow you to glide much, much further, give a better jump, and enchants the range of pounce and airkick. unarmed will return the musclemass, complete with Bio-knuckle dusters, allowing waaaaay better throws and punches, even damaging tanks and riping arms of a juggernauth, and constitution max will return the armor, but with better movement capabilities. Hive mind max will grant an addional Devestator that will Super-biobomb someone, creating a maze of tendrils, impaling everyone, and can be used without breaking stealth.

Evolution net: like in PT 2, challenges return, but this time will give a point for the Net, a circle shaped skill tree system, which grants both active and passive skills, like the ability to instantly consume a weaker target by pressing grab again when in mid-air grab, which will for exemple with sword twist you in mid-air, stab the enemy in the gut, and then push him away with one hand and decapitate them with the other. other grand a aura that will create pollen around you when disguised, decreasing brain-activity, causing one to sit down, and stop walking after a while of influence, disrupting his patrol routes.

Devestators: Devestators can now be mapped, allowing you to chose which 2 to use, with the choice of Power devestator, Pack overrun (which can again be mapped to say which Infected gets called), Tendril storm, infection cloud and Super-Bio bomb

Predatory: Sonar (as in 2), Spy (if searching in a "hood" you attack, flyers will help you), Nerval overpowerment (literally goes into an stronger infected if its weakend, taking control of his body, allowing you to move as him and go into its hood without danger), bear trap ( a puddle of infected goo will drop of your shoe, and will trap a enemy in it) and breath of the reaper ( a tuft of the virus, can be used to feeble the mind of an soldier, but most importanly, trigger a false alarm at a detector, and if the area is calm and clear of mobs and you, will cause a blackwatch to investigate the false alarm, shutting the detector down temporary)

Enemies: Every "hood" has unique Infected, both small and big, or even odd, like a Gaint scorpion . Blackwatch now sports walkers, mainly due to the inpracticality of tanks in a street and the lack of tank speed, and will use bioweapons derived from the Virus, such as a Bloom missle, which will anchor an infected with tendrils.

Prequel Edit

Perhaps a prequel, a third person shooter in hope idaho with open world, helo's, and tanks. At least it will add a foundation to the initial storyline giving sequels something more to build on. Also what a lot of fans might like is the ability to put pariah into the plot.

Inner Conflict Edit

Maybe James could be having problems controlling his own body after consuming Mercer.Then Mercer is trying to take control of Heller's body and whe nMercer gets tremperary control he releases the virus.You get control of both of them and at the end of the game Mecer finally stoll enough mass form Heller and was able to make himself a phsyical form and he is no longer corupt and him and Heller join to fight the next corupt prototype and through the whole thing their powers a mixing and there are thing like claws in one hand and a whip fist in the other.

I personaly would like a new character, maybe a civilian teenager who has survived both infections, the first took his family, the second takes his friends. The game could start when the kid witnesses the death of mercer and then goes to the death site and finds his arms, which heller riped off.(end of number 2) The arms have mercers strain of the virus and the kid gets infected,(he could probably touch the blood or something) he then faints. The hid could wake up and mercer starts to talk to him,(he could of been accidently revived by the kid and then mercer kept him alive) mercer sees the anger in the kids eyes and says genteck invented the virus(wich they did) and says blackwatch killed everyone, works with mercer and kills anything that isnt infected being brainwashed by mercer, but then meets heller (now working for blackwatch who have split from genteck) and heller explains what is realy going on(1/4 of the way through), the kid then feels betrayed and confused by everyone, he makes his own way and works for mercer or heller at different times in the game, he  chooses a side. if he chooses mercer he gets a new ultimate viral power and kills heller and infects the world. If he chooses heller he gets a different new power and kills mercer but the infected could have a backup plan cus mercer could have made more evolved or cloned himself. And the war continues.

It would be a great game and his murderus intent can be justified by his emotions, its just an idea but new powers, new characters, and a new storyline are a must. 13:17, December 13, 2012 (UTC)Marshmallo

Customization Edit

This will be reletivly short.

Some stuff i (and some of my friends and family who i talked to before writing this) would like to see in prototype 3 is to beable to make a new character, kinda like on the scale of Saints Row 3 i.e. race, sex, age, hair style, facial features, clothes, and personalitly(mainly controling what you character says) and some choices wouldnt be bad let us pick who we want to side with, like let us team up with Heller, or blackwatch, or Alex Mercer (some how surviving due to the age of the virus in him), and let us evolve our powers the way we want them to be, like if i have 2 characters with the gaint blade skill one can have 2 gaint blades (one from each arm) and the other one could have a larger blade with more range, i wouldnt mind hijacking some cars and trying to be normal to sneak into some areas too, also being able to destroy the buildings or bashing though some walls, and Definatly some Co-op would be nice let us free roam and kill stuff (or even do some missions) with our friends over xbl and the playstaion network, 17:59, December 20, 2012 (UTC) Hades Cowboy

okey first my name is zouzou chahine i hop wejjo la heller ykoun neyim

i hop in prototype 3 heller be a very strong than alex ....

Plz i whant in prototype 3 new powers ...and we can use the 2 hands for powers (exmple:the tight hand the balde and the left hand the claws ) i hop heller be very strong and can infect people and be like him plz make this changes

Anonymous: I personally feel the story should be like, When James consumed Alex,Alex being a blacklight creature himself should be able to survive as an individual conscience within James and he will be able to speak to James in his mind like the dark prince speaking to the prince in prince of Persia the two thrones.

Also like in a earlier post when you get to choose the sides in the game at the three fourth,Alex will start convincing James to consume more so that Alex may just burst out of James using the extra biomass of James as a new body.

Then there would be James vs Alex resurrected bad the battle could go both ways as both Alex and James now have the same abilities (cause Alex used James's biomass to form his new body). So,if James wins then at the final fight Alex also fights at James side but if he loses then Alex will fight against James in the final fight.

Well, this was my imagination hope you like it.


[PROTOTYPE] 3 Edit 20:52, January 12, 2013 (UTC) VeNoM94.253.245.188 20:52, January 12, 2013 (UTC)

Prototype 2:

Alex Mercer got consumed by Heller.

Prototype 3:

Alex Mercer takes over Heller bit by bit from the inside so they fuse into 1 single body, having 2 options for the storyline;

- You choose Mercer's Side ( The evil ) and take over the world with the virus.

- You choose Heller's Side ( The good ) and free the world from the virus.

ok well fist things first if you make fantastic graphics then it will be so fun and more exiting and you should make us be able to hijack normal cars and have like mutating them with a viral thing and make them just beast mode and a new person just basically someone who has wached mercer and heller and learned their ways and somehow got infected by all the types of things like  juggernaught and hunter and mabe even goliath but mabe be able to break through buildings and in the windows and bring back climbing cause heller cant climb the walls he just ran up the walls but we should get wings and fly cause thaT WOULD BE AMAZING AND for storyline i dunno just make it fun and we really want avatar awards not for online cause i dont have it yet but anyways i would love to be able to play as mercer and heller skins without online

but id like to play as dana and just run around as her and have a more of a really fun gameplay

[mailto: 17:58, January 13, 2013 (UTC) 17:58, January 13, 2013 (UTC)]

ok well fist things first if you make fantastic graphics then it will be so fun and more exiting and you should make us be able to hijack normal cars and have like mutating them with a viral thing and make them just beast mode and a new person just basically someone who has wached mercer and heller and learned their ways and somehow got infected by all the types of things like juggernaught and hunter and mabe even goliath but mabe be able to break through buildings and in the windows and bring back climbing cause heller cant climb the walls he just ran up the walls but we should get wings and fly cause thaT WOULD BE AMAZING AND for storyline i dunno just make it fun and we really want avatar awards not for online cause i dont have it yet but anyways i would love to be able to play as mercer and heller skins without online

but id like to play as dana and just run around as her and have a more of a really fun gameplay 18:34, January 13, 2013 (UTC)

ok also bring us back some armor like alex had and when we use it we are basically invincible and instead of bio-bomb we infect someone and make them like the evolved and they turn into shape shifters and kill everything and then after a few minutes they explode with tendrills and a way way bigger map and way more arm mutations like blades and a cannon that infects people and things like cars apc tanks and you consume infected to get ammo for it but we can find mercer and heller out in the city and fight them and consume them but they always reaper but make a goliath with normal size limbs and way bigger and basically make prototype 3 more of a fun to run around game and do anything you want rather than a storyline game but still have a good one and driving in cars like taxis and cool cars like a porch or some cool things and motercycles and be able to drive them up walls and make a custimizible bio-motercycle and have them come to you. and maybe have a custimizible caricter and choose there age, sex, face, hair, clothing and have a base in a building and have a pet Brawlerhas spikes on it  or  that infected bird that and always does what you say and is bullet proof and was a genteck experiment to somehow control the monster mentaly and the caricter was in the wrong place at the right time  other stuff like that. Mabye custimize your blade type or claws and maybe have a bio gun or bio katana becuse THAT WOULD BE BADASS!!!!!   but just outdo yourselvs on this game ok. and forgive me if I misspeled words

when does prototype 3 come out anyways?

cusher125.255.44.3 00:03, January 14, 2013 (UTC)

Prototype 3 Edit

I have played Prototype and Prototype 2 and I loved them. I became a fan of Prototype. I personally like Prototype 2 more but I wanted to play as Alex Mercer because I like Alex more than James. If there would be a Prototype 3 ( I wish ) then, I want it to be like this ... 

In the very beginning, Dana will tell Heller that Alex is still alive! When Heller consumed him, a part of his DNA was left and then Alex was reincarned.

After that, Heller sees Alex. Before the fight, the game asks us to play as Heller/Mercer. I would take Mercer. Then when Heller/Mercer were about to die, the other asks for an offer to join the forces. Then they would Unite as a team.

After that, a new storyline will begin.

~~Saksham Karnawat~~

Prototype 3 Theory Edit

My Prototype 3 Theory

So in the story ending in Prototype 2, Sgt. James Heller Consumes Mercer and every one of the infected with him.

In Prototype 3 the first part of the story should take place in the infamous NYZ at the year 2017. Heller taking care of and protecting his daughter. One day Colonel Rooks shows up out of nowhere and gives Heller a folder that contains information about test subject PARIAH. Colonel Rooks also explains to Heller that when he consumed Mercer, it is possible for Mercer's cells within Heller's body to take him over and that if it happens then He will stop at nothing to kill and consume PARIAH therefore becoming unstoppable and infectiing the world as we know it.


Better consuming and diguises: 

The ability to not only become humans but also infected creatures as well.

Mixed powers:

The ability to mix powers together like the claws and the tendrils. 21:02, February 2, 2013 (UTC) Мне бы захотелось увидить Мерсера снова и сново играть им .Но для этого ему надо возрадится или вылезти из Хеллера.В городе Нью-Йорк всё спокойно  на первый взгляд, зараженных нет кроме одного Джеймс в котором живёт Алекс и хочет выбратся.Джеймс работает и живёт обычной жизнью но вдруг порезал руку об гвоздь обычная царапина он предаёт этому особое значение . По дороге домой он встречает своего друга рукопожатием кровь Джеймоса попадает на руку его друга и клетки крови Алекса наченают поглощадь друга Джеймоса долго, но с успехом  и вскоре Алекс возрождается и думает как отомстить Джеймосу. Он наченает изучать Хеллера и в то же время заражает жителей города что бы узнать лудше его способности и слабости после поглощение Алекса . Вскоре Алекс возрощается к проэкту "Гидра" что бы вскоре поглотить его и получить те способности которые получил Хеллар поглатив Гидру.Так как он был в теле Джеймоса вспоминает память ученых и сам делает Гидру , пока Хеллер разберается с зараженами. Алекс находит нужные ингридеенты создаёт Гидру и поглощает и получает теже способности что и у Джеймоса . Выходя в свет узнает что "Черный дозор" выставили отряды солдат и технику в город думая что эпидемия опять вернулась из-за Хеллера они ищют его тем самым помогаю Алексу найти Джеймоса .Замаскировавшийсь под солдата "Черного дозора" находят бункер Джеймоса убив солдат они снова сходятся в дуэли, но в этот раз побеждает Алекс . Зная что поглощать Хеллера нельзя так как он может вылезти как он вылез ,он не поглощает Хеллера а усыпляет и отвозит на завод где используется жидкий азот он замораживает его остовляет в холодном месте там где он не растает и Алекс сново становится королём Нью-Йорка и передумал план о инфицировании всего мира ведь нельзя держать под контролем весь мир .

I would really like that Alex came back


After heller consumed Alex, Dana would send bold guy (heller) a message that Alex cells can overcome Heller’s body. So, James tried anything to stop that but the last mission he failed and Alex get out from his body getting all his powers and consumed Bold Guy (Heller). Now, Prototype 4 appears

After ALEX, CONSUMED Heller, to complete his revenge now,he goes back to his old Alex which is a hero not a villan to try and destroy the virus and consume pariah to end all the cathastrophy

New Powers also like

1.Groundspike Ultimate Devastator- Everything around alex will have groundspikes at least 3km from him away. Controls- LEFT+RIGHT KEY HOLD+U AT Claw Power Mode

2.Trendil Barrage Ultimate Devastator- Alex releases deadly trendils and a lot bigger more bigger than the trendils of a supreme hunter enough to kill everything it passess.  Controls- Right Key Hold+U

3.Hammerfist Devastator- Creates an earthquake destroying it passes. Controls- Hammerfist Mode Left+Rigt Hold Key+E

4.Whipfist Devastator- Alex Spins Very Fast letting its whipfist to destroy anything it passes . Controls- In Whipfist Mode Left+Right Hold Key+E

5.Blade Devastotor- Alex Blade gets Huge and Kills anything it passes Controls- In Blade Mode Left+Right Hold Key+E

6. Ultimate Critical Pain Devastator- Alex Critical Pain Devastators Gets more wide and huge. Controls- Left Hold Key+U

Combining Power- Allows Alex to mix its power like Claw+blade and Whipfist and blade and the ultimate one is to mix all of it

Consuming Power- Allows Alex to consume more than one person

Upgrading of Wepons in damage dealt and appearance

And Pac

I would really like that Alex came back


After heller consumed Alex, Dana would send bold guy (heller) a message that Alex cells can overcome Heller’s body. So, James tried anything to stop that but the last mission he failed and Alex get out from his body getting all his powers and consumed Bold Guy (Heller). Now, Prototype 4 appears

After ALEX, CONSUMED Heller, to complete his revenge now,he goes back to his old Alex which is a hero not a villan to try and destroy the virus and consume pariah to end all the cathastrophy

New Powers also like

1.Groundspike Ultimate Devastator- Everything around alex will have groundspikes at least 3km from him away. Controls- LEFT+RIGHT KEY HOLD+U AT Claw Power Mode

2.Trendil Barrage Ultimate Devastator- Alex releases deadly trendils and a lot bigger more bigger than the trendils of a supreme hunter enough to kill everything it passess.  Controls- Right Key Hold+U

3.Hammerfist Devastator- Creates an earthquake destroying it passes. Controls- Hammerfist Mode Left+Rigt Hold Key+E

4.Whipfist Devastator- Alex Spins Very Fast letting its whipfist to destroy anything it passes . Controls- In Whipfist Mode Left+Right Hold Key+E

5.Blade Devastotor- Alex Blade gets Huge and Kills anything it passes Controls- In Blade Mode Left+Right Hold Key+E

6. Ultimate Critical Pain Devastator- Alex Critical Pain Devastators Gets more wide and huge. Controls- Left Hold Key+U

Combining Power- Allows Alex to mix its power like Claw+blade and Whipfist and blade and the ultimate one is to mix all of it

Consuming Power- Allows Alex to consume more than one person

Upgrading of Wepons in damage dealt and appearance

And Pack Leader

k Leader


I think this will solve everyones problems many people want Mercer back including me. But question comes 'How will we get him back? ' well here you see in PROTOTYPE 2 last boss fight Heller cut of mercer's hands the blade, whipfist & the hammerfist. And we all know mercer can regenerate here it goes after Heller left the area a crow as always was eating on the leftovers of Mercer, Mercer consumed the crow and came back but he has lost his DNA that means all of his hands and some part of his memory, After comming back to life the only thing he thinks about is to get out of this place as quick he can, he still has his other agility superhuman powers like running at an amazing speed, gliding, etc. Somehow he makes out of that island hoping he will never see those creatures ever again, the only thing he remember was his name, some short memories and that he was fighting with someone who killed him in the end, nothing more (so after that Mercer has lost his DNA RADICAL entertainments can use him as a protagonist, he is not that powerful now). Alex then starts a new life there like a normal person, hiding his real powers.


So we now come back to Heller after killing Mercer this guy remains in peace with his daughter for less than a weak, because he comes to know that Pariah the son of Elizabeth greene is out there in the RED ZONE and he is more powerful than any man on earth more powerful that Heller or Mercer. Infact Heller even try to stop him but came back wounded badly, He asked Dana to collect some data about that beast but all she could say was 'i am not able to get information about that thing'.


One day she hacks the camera near the place where Mercer and Heller fought, she saw everything how Mercer came back to life she called heller told him to go after Mercer not to kill him, but for help.

Story continues..

Heller tracks down Mercer by his VIRAL SONAR in SOTHERN CALIFORNIA, when the first he see's Mercer he was not able to believe his eyes, Mercer changed himself he was helping people, he had a new look he looked just like the other civilian's. Heller breaks into his house stealthily, finds Mercer sitting on the computer. Then he somehow gets Mercer's attention explains him everything about his past and tells him that he needs his help, so the new protagonist will be Mercer the Antoganist Pariah & Heller at Mercer's side.


I personally think that the main character of Prototype 3 shouldn't be Mercer,Heller or Pariah,but a new character...

A teenager named Mike Jhonson,but the story won't start when he's teenager,it's gonna start when he's born because that way you're gonna understand why is he so special.

The story begins a few months afther Heller and his daugther escaped town along Dana...decided to protect people from Blackwatch cruelty and Gentek's twisted experiments,Heller decided to figth Blackwatch,in the path he realizes he can't destroy both alone,so he gives the a strain of the virus to two people he could believe in,thing is,these two fell in love a little bit before they meet him...with time they take out most of Blacklight forces and Gentek's scientist,and so the three of them decide take some rest,a year passes and the pair of evolved had a lot of time to develop their relationship,and one thing lead to another and the Woman ended being almost 9 months pregnant,it all sounds nice but this is the part were bad thing's happen,due to the weakening of Blackwatch forces,the bunker were Pariah was locked up was lacking protection,and he Managed to escape.

Free to cause chaos and mayhem around the globe,he went in search of the only ones who could stand in their way,but to do things faster,he used all of his power to create "the ultimate monster"...A titan sized humanoid with reptilian features(his face is something like Brawler with larger spikes in his back and hands like the ones Mercer has in his armor form and a strong muscular body like the one heller has)and to make things short...the three of them(well,only Heller and The male of the couple who's name is Konner,because Mike was born a few hours ago)and the Monster was defeated,but at a great cost,Mike's parents died,Heller ended up heavily injured.

Pariah dissapeared without a trace,and the only thing Heller could do was hold the baby in his arms and try to leave the area,but the new CEO of Gentek,whose name is Peterson Macmullen appeared in front of him(of course he arrived in a helicopter first)and proposed Heller a deal,that using all of his resources given by the Blackwatch(a secret governmental organization)to create a half sized town wich would be scretely a gentek and Blackwatch base where Mike could grow up and train to destroy Pariah,he only accepted because they also promised to keep his daugther safe.

And then 7 years later is were the player starts to that moment he finds out were the monster that killed his parents is.right inside of him...

afther this a lot of things are gonna happen,the player is gonna have to face countless challenges and enemies in order to get stronger and learn more about Pariah and the powers he possess...there are gonna be a lot of new skills,mutations and powers,just like new characters and old ones from the past,he's gonna have to make decisions,some are minor and others will alterate his future in a good or bad way depenfing in what is HE goin to do in the end,and his decision is not only gonna affect his life,but the life of everyone on earth itself. 11:16, February 22, 2013 (UTC)Andrey Fanatik P1

Я (ОЧЕНЬ!) хочу увидеть и играть Алексом Мерсером в Р3  . Так как после прохождение игры Р1 я привизался к Алексу и в моей голове вбилось ,то что главный герой должен быть Мерсер ,и я хотел поиграть в Р2 (ведь мне понравился Р1), но увидив концовку игры в интернете у меня сразу отбилась желание (до сих пор)  играть в него. В игре Р2 Мерсер не тот в Р1 он хотел узнать правду и востоновить справедливость (это я так понел играю в Р1) в Р2 Алекс приобрёл раздвоение личности ведь он теперь хочет сделать армию и изменить мир, что не как не может произойти с Алексом из Р1.

Я хочу дать краткую историю для  игры Р3. 

Город востонавлевается и Хелер пытается начать новую жизнь, заводит друзей и живёт обычной жизней.Потом он поранился и его кровь попала на человекаи, клетки крови Алекса поглощают этого человека, как в Р1 он возродился убив ворона. Для восполнение сил и здоровья ему пришлось еще раз зарожать районы города и случайно выпускает свою девушку Элизабет . Она тоже думает о мести Алексу ,но не знает о Хеллере.И Алекс  хочет исправить проблему побыстрому пока неузнал Хеллер о сущиствование Мерсера. Он выслеживает Элизабет и  находя её он хочет незаметно подобратся чуть ли не вплотную ,но Хеллер уже знал о том что Алекс сново жив и рушит планы Алекса о убийства Элизабет. Алекс пытается обьяснить что в этом городе есть монстор сильнее их обоих ,Хеллер не веря ему кричит что убьёт его , Элизабет замечая их вызывает (4 или более) супер охотников из Р1 Хеллер забывает пока что о Алексе и они оба прикрывая друг друга убивают их . Тут Алекс объесняет ему что вирус охватил его и он не сооброжал что делает и то что Элизабет его подруга и она сильна и может вызывать монстров (в этом моменте я предлогю игроку выбрать самому за кого играть, продолжить играть Алеском или играть за Хеллера). Хеллер говорит ему что он может пока что жить , а сам идёт за Элизабет, Алекс идёт за ним посмотреть на что способен Хеллер и на что теперь способна Элизабет . Элизабет увидив что Джеймс такой же как Алекс и боясь что он победит её , она вызывает всех монстров сама опять сбегая от него и Алекс решил помочь Джеймсу . И Хеллер понимает что команда из них очень хорошая и решают договорится о мире среди них Дана увидив что её брат изменился решает доверится Алексу и подойти к нему убидившись что Алекс "вернулся" помогаит  им обоим найти Элизабет .Вскоре они находят её , но она к тому времини уже стала слишком сильна и им опять не удается убить её. Тогда Алекс вмести с Хеллером и Даной думают где им взять еще одного такого же зараженного как и они и Дана предлогает заразить её, Алекс естественно боясь за её жизнь не будет против такого решения , но Хеллер не против такой идеи и они с Данной в секрети от Алекса. Заражение Даны прошло успешно , Алекс узнав сильно разозлился , но Дана успакаевает его тогда они начинаю вслеживать монстров от которых она получит теже способности что и у них и учат её пользоватся ими. "Черная стража" тем временем так же пытается устранить вспышку вируса и создают еще одного монстра который похожь на Кинг-Конга размером с 3 этажей который преднозначен убивать всех зараженных и монстов, но не нормальных людей, он будет очень силён и бронирован ,но не будет быстр . Они поглотив его получают новую броню и будут слегка похожи на горил .Находя логово Элизабет ( это будет многоэтажное здание ) в её отсутствие они заходят туда и думают где ей устроить засаду в яме под зданием об этом и знают люди из "Чёрной стражи" ,но они собираются дождатся Элизабет и  снести здание и похоронить её . Когда Элизабет возрощалось в логово она пошла в ту самую яму в которой появляются на свет новые монстры и Алекс с Хеллером решаю напасть перед тем как они возродит еще монстров а Дана ждет момента когда напасть на Элизабет  и все вместе поглотить её , но всё портется когда "Чёрная стража" пытается завалить здание и Элизабет воспольжився моментом выходит наружу и призывает монстров вскоре Элизабет ослабевает и Дана нападает сзади тогда приходят Алекс с Хелером делая вокруг неё круг поглощают Элизабет и освобождают городо от зараженных . 

Предлогаю новых монстров .

Водяного змея--- он обитает везде где есть Вода с 2 метровой глубиной, он похож на гидру, ест всех кто поблизости проплывает(коробли или катера) или пролетают (вертолёты и летуны).Поглотив его персонажи смогут плавать.

Дерево  та что есть в фильме "Гарри Поттер" в 3 части которая поджидает свою жертву хватает своими веткаи и поглощает .

Звери из зоопарка носороги , медведи , тигры , обезьяны. Они тоже буду либо как зомби или как мутировынный монстрами.

Извените за ошибки буду очень благодарен если гл. герой будет Мерсер.

Prototype 3 Edit 03:01, February 26, 2013 (UTC)Ryan24.239.96.119 03:01, February 26, 2013 (UTC)

I am a huge fan of both P1 and P2, and there is alot I would like to see in Prototype 3. I think there should be a new character who is introduced in the fight, instead of playing as Mercer or Heller again. I also think there should be a few new powers that you can have at your disposal. Claws, Blade, Hammerfists, Tendrils, and the Whipfist should all stay, and the Muscle mass from P1 should be re-introduced. A new power would be the ability to turn into something like Hulk, and be able to fight larger infected creatures easier. Another power would be a projectile based weapon tha the player could shoot at infected or blackwatch soldiers

I would also like to see different creatures that have been affected by the virus.

Another idea for the character would be to be able to customize the way he or she looks, and there personality. And when they unlock certain abilities, like the Blade, they could determine how it looked by picking different options.

Prototype 3Edit

Like many others, I would love a new protagonist. However, this one will go a much more different approach than usual, instead of being a murder obsessed anti-hero; it will focus on a truely defined heroic and youthful character. Apparently, there have been hundreds of anti-heroes in just two entries, a hero for the first time would give some sort of light to the Prototype series. A mark of diversity, the hero would grasp some alternate colors, instead of being black, grey, and red, the hero would be white, grey, and blue, possibly wearing less heavier clothes.

This new hero would probably continue on what Alex Mercer was going to do before going rogue. Taking the torch without being given the random F bomb for once. Seriously, a hero would do nicely. Battlelord7 (talk) 03:33, March 1, 2013 (UTC)

i think that alex mercer wanted james heller to eat him so he can get amaya whatever her name is as i was saying so he can get amaya to be the new mother of the new world but not to kill james but to kill james so he can not get in his way again i think alex mercer was holding backon him so he can get james to eat him than months later alex rips james open from the inside and the new main player in prototype 3 colud be or can be dana mercer or james and dana new child or old ones like james or green's son or alex mercer or chuck norris but wait radical entertainment was shut down by activision but the answers is was it shut down or close or sold. next is number 2 remember what alex said when james broke out of the test subject place than he met alex for a second time alex said the more you eat the stronger you get which means that alex was not holding back in the final battle alex never ate that big ginat thing in prototype 2 james ate 2 of those big giant golither something so it made him stronger but don't forget in prototype1 alex mercer did not need to eat a infected beings to get diffent powers like hammer fist whipfist something but in prototype2 james earn it not get it james ate that jugeernot so he can get the hammer fist for whipfist and blade he needed to eat evloves whatever they are called nah i'll just call them alex slaves or something and for alex's blade he got it from a hunter and my head hurts. next is what if sucker punch buy radical entertainment would they make a what if crossover the crossover idea is just a what if prtotype and infamous not the main story ok here we go after alex mercer restore him self from the nuke and eat a bird then later blackwatch is now lazy to get alex mercer so now blackwatch is just killing zombies and just take a beak from getting alex 6 weeks later all zombies have died then a week before that cole has woke up from his chamber and zeke is like wtf lol so zeke tells him you got revilve from that lighting and cole is like wtf lol then 8 days later this is time hollywood alex goes to hollywood to eat a actor name tobey migue something and hours before that in the airport sation there were two werid guys giveing werid looks they were alex and cole cuz alex don't know if he is infected or not but for cole thinks he is getting a random werid feeling from no where then goes to the same jet to go to hollywood then later bad condoits appear and trys to steal money fisrt alex appears then alex eat them so now alex knows they r not infected they r condoits then alex stops killing then alex goes famous for a while in the news alex was in the news then later blackwatch is like do we kill alex not cole cuz he is a good guy captain blackwatch is like  we kill alex if he kills if there is reason then u know what to do then later 15 condoit appear in hollywood park to kill and take it then alex appear to talk then cole but cole was to late alex kill it but alex does not want to use condoits power cuz he does not want people to know if he have other powers         and he knows how to switch weakness and to change power to diffent and order or whatever later alex vs cole alex wins but he just wounded cole not kill later alex and cole are done talking about there past story alex n cole is like wtf lol days later cole zeke n that teleport lady n that ice lady had to be in fected by the mercer virus so they can take that blast after the beast was kill later cole zeke ice lady n teleport lady was alive but got a bad wounded n it hurts later they recover from the hospital but dana was in the story too but i was lazy to talk about dana so then cole alex ice lady zeke teleport lady went to take vacation then ice lady n teleport lady fall in love with alex n cole got jellouse n alex is like wtf lol im like 34 something then the 2 lady is like well u can shapeshift n alex is like wtf lol n zeke is like what i'll just get another girl for me n cole is like i hate u alex n alex is like well i don't want them cuz i already have 1 then the two lady is like i @##$%&*( hate u alex then cole gets happy than the two lady is with cole again. and next time on what if 2 alex and cole vs monsters like that vampire lady from infamous festervio of blood n this time put other monster in it but wait if alex eat them he can't get infected but he well get there powers n this time cole is not getting bit by a vampire or a werewolf and plese do not delete this cuz this is importtent 4 the what if fans and the prototype fans and infamous fans and i know my spelling is bad but next time i will be back maybe?.

hey guys im back ok here we go this time is take place in prototype 1.5 is where greens comes back cuz when alex eats people sometimes you see blood when alex eats green some of greens blood were spill then some of greens blood were in the infected streets some of the walkers step on it maybe like 5 then when green is restore again then in prototype3 she was hideing from a sercert underground that no 1 ever found it trying to make more infected then she waited 2 years is where james ate alex then alex comes out of james but james got the armor too mins later james is healed and alex is like wtf lol happen to my infected slaves then james and alex and blackwatch takes a break for a whlie days later green appears and infecteds the greens zone yellowzone red zone but in this story is where there r 7 zones and 4 new ones is orange zone and blackwatch zone and evloves zone and blue zone blackwatch zone is all soliders and evloves zone lots of evloves and blue zone is just 100% normal and orange zone is like red and yellow combine fisrt in the begining your at blue zone with all old powers then u unlocked a new zone blackwatch zone then orange zone but  the story im telling now has news powers but im to lazy to talk about it after that green takes over the orange zone then red then yellow then green then evlove zone but alex and james didn't know green was alive nor she take some of the zones so alex and james and blackwatch talks 4 a whlie then thay team up to fight green but in the meeting green son show up so alex is like wtf lol and james is like your mother is carzy mother#$%^&*!  than alex goes to the orange zone and james goes to the red zone and green son goes to yellow zone and blackwatch goes to green zone cuz blackwatch have no powers and dana goes to green zone with blackwatch since she is weaker than james and alex and green son whatever his name is? 4 players u can play but all players have diffent endings but all of them r related and good so as i was saying james vs green they only talk for a very short time than they fight later james have won than green got back up from lots of new and old infected and evloves and slaves than james runs but green was confused about how did alex and james got armor and other powers oh there is a super very hard hard hidden cutscene 2 unlocked is where green talks about what blackwatch did 2 her in the past is where blackwatch did $%^& 2 her as i was saying alex is done with orange zone then yellow zone is done then green zone is done then all evloves move to a sercert zone but a bigger 1 later alex and james goes to secert zone name is virus zone that is last zone u have 2 go but green tells her new and old infected and evloves but she sent 150 evloves and 600 infected and 13 of those big giant things from prototype 2 to kill alex and james but this time alex and james is more powerful now so they team up 2 fight the evloves and infected and that giant thing but dana and green son parirha something? was in the red zone to fight the supreme brawler but more powerful but the supreme brawler is the not supreme hunter but the supreme brawler was second in charge and green is the real one in charge then when alex and james is done killing them greem shows up with her new powers but a bit harder than the supreme brawler but supreme brawler faster and smarter so when green was fix not eat green was fix by a new whitelight injected thing james help alex reach to greens body than injected with new whitelight than she was normal again like a human later blackwatch showed up to pick them up but infected was free from greens controll  mins later when dana and parira something? u know green's son is done killing supreme brawler so now i'll go with endings and idk about new powers ok the ending is alex ending alex is still trying 2 find out about secerts rooks told him about what whapen to him in prnn sation but this time it was 100& real story about him about family and friends randoms next is james ending dana and james make love so they have new baby but the baby was 100% infected like james but for dana she was in fected by alex before green took the zone as i was saying amaya has a new bro n sis but amaya got powers too since she got infected before green took the zone next dana is same ending like james so never mind next is green son visit green in blackwatch than he eats green but he was allow to eat her or not but blackwatch just do nothing and than he has flash back about his dad his was bit by a walker so he got nuke and all of endings all r 100% good and all of them 100% connect but all endings r in the same world n same year but diffent days or months later when green and supreme brawler was killed the end and like i said do not delete this so the prototype fans can see this and the what if fans but idk if what if fans r real

PROTOTYPE 3 new Character steven heller son of sgt james heller born in 2011 game takes place in year 2038 tommy is age 27 james heller kept his looks but in this story alex mercer was never mention in this story only his dna was mention about it days later blackwatch was released from prison for breaking the law about 7 years then was take in prison for 20 years of killing for money weapons to make war so now gentek owns blackwatch days later when blackwatch was released from prison blackwatch made a new virus called yellowlight but weaker then the mercer virus unlike the yellowlight virus it can absord any living and dead dna with out consumeing dna like if someone is infected by the yellowlight then that person can like hit or scratches tommy or even a human and infecteds so that person can be heal with out consumeing but for the blacklight mercer virus it is stronger like if james or tommy consume someone it can heal their body but for the infected yellowlight if it consume someone it will heal them like 50% but the yellowlight is more safe then blacklight mercer virus but not safe if the yellowlight consume so much blacklight it will become like blacklight mercer virus and if blacklight consume yellowlight it will not become a yellowlight just same old blacklight like alex but new powers will be unlocked well at leased yellowlight won't go carzy like alex mecer the new powers will be mix powers like clawblades and musclehammer and whipdrils but for the armor it is lighter more powerful than the old one it will give you increase strength increase defence but lose a little speed but health bar will be the same and you can upgrade your armor too clawblades are like huge claws mix with blade can destroy tanks so easy but for whipdrils when you try to hit something it will try to crab lots of things and cut it and can shoot something that looks nasty last for musclehammer almost everything is 1 hit kill and can make a large earthquake now it's time for new devestator  tendrils devestator its bigger then the old one but mix with spikes on it and spikes come out of the ground too at the same time and for musclehammer devestator makes a 5x larger earthquake then the other one but for this devestator it shoot spikes out and now for the last best ultimate devestator is all devestator doing it at the same time and its 1 hit kill and the ultimate devestator size will be like 6 times new york city or 7 times maybe? but could make a bit lag on your game but just a bit lag so the story main bad guy is pariah like i said alex mercer is never mention in this story but his dna is mention in this story james is retried like an old dude but you still play as two of them if you play as tommy then its good but if you play as james its good too but there will be a easter egg and its alex mercer dna when pariah is consume by james or tommy whoever you play as but alex mercer maybe return? after when pariah is consume his dna will be consume by alex mercer dna which means that will help alex mercer get out of james body more easy but james will never know that since he is inside heller he will kill heller somewhere that has no people no infected like a private place that nobody will ever know but remember heller has some alex dna when he consume him so heller could survived some of alex attack and he know alex is comeing back or not but alex will return to his old self like in prototype 1 like a good guy or anti hero whatever he is so that means he could be a good hero in part 4 but maybe james will live or not after when alex try to get out of his body and consume or attack it maybe he could alive or not then tommy will know what happen to alex and his dad james heller

personally I would like a multiplayer similar to left for dead

Four sides would not be bad the two infected sides and gentec and black watch which ever one is chosen all others will be destroyed or only two survive based on in game choices.

Prototype 3 (The Re-boot of Prototype 2 and The Prequel for next Prototype 4)Edit


For my opinion, I think it's better to Re-boot the Prototype 2 start all over again. I really dislike the story that makes Alex Mercer an enemy mabye do the game playing alex's side of the story. I knew some article says that originality Alex really are a crazy psychopath even before he become Prototype.

But again, for game industry we always expected the character we are using to play as a main hero. It doesn't matter whether it will be a typical kind of character. You can see that the game selling for Prototype 2 wasn't reach a certain amount of earning for Radical entertainment (Since the company announce the layoff employes and partial closure). To be honest, even all of people including a friends of mine as gamers, expected at least Mercer as a hero. But since the truth that he is not, it's really dissapointed me. I am not talking about all the gameplay and combo there. To be honest they are very good. But to reach popularity, I think Radical entertainment had make a big mistake to make him as a villain for the main storyline. Again, without a better plot, good scripting and compelling storyline, the games will not be called as a good games. Similar method how people make a good movies.

So, what I like to expect Prototype 3 will be is the re-boot of Prototype 2. Or alternate story for Prototype universe that Alex Mercer indeed is a main hero in the game. For James Heller character, I think it really suit the game as well if he and Alex can work together as a big team to defeats the real other infected monster.

I even have some other alternate story for Prototype 2 (which might be better story compared to the original one). That the real enemies is Other Alex Mercer or should I say other infected viruses monster who copied Alex ability even facial face and body like Alex. James Heller found out after a brief fight with him, then the real Alex Mercer come out to help James Heller to defeat fake Alex Mercer.

So yeah, I gues this story is indeed really much better compared to the original story ending. It was kind of sad and dissapointed story for the real Prototype game 2. For example the ending where Heller killed Mercer then consumed it like an animal. Even everytime I saw the prototype title theme called "Murder your maker", it's still upset me until now. It will be better if the slogan will be like "Maker or God....Comrades or Foes". Lucky enough I didn't buy it for good. I am still keep the first one tho. And still expecting to have a new Prototype game for better in the future.

Once again, what I expect to have in Prototype 3 is the much better compelling story and make Alex Mercer a hero once again. And team up with James Heller. Therefore I believe people will love Prototype 3 and expect to have the next game, Prototype 4 to be an open world co-op campaign game which we can explore the city with James and Alex together. That will be awesome.

I even try to create a demo game using 3d game engine software, so I can presented a sample like Prototype 3 like what I expect to have.

Here is the game sample as below:

Prototype 3 game development sample

For the explanation for the game sample for new prototype 3 is that the game itself will be either solo or co-op campaign offline up to 2 or 4 player with system consoles link together.  The black frames that I put behind each of the character head itself will be the screen (TV screen) of each individual player. If the game itself will be port to WiiU, then the screen will be either on TV or the WiiU gamepad for other players to join.

Well, I am hoping for the best. And hope the future developer or maybe still Radical entertainment to reconsider the idea to re-boot the game. And make Alex a good guy, and make the game co-op campaign up to 2 or 4 player offline.


prototype 3 alex mercer revived? Edit

dear,prototype fans i heard arumor that after james heller consumes alex mercer he goes to a cave and in tha cave is his hideout from black watch. black watch finds the hideout . then heller tries to use his power s but he couldnt then alex mercer comes out of him.he explains why he went crazy. heller is stunned so then theyteam up and defeat the blackwatch. AFTER THAT I DON'TKNOW MORE! what do you guys think?

~~Jimmy~~(Feedback from question above)

I think it's very good news from you. It's always good to have Mercer back in the game since he was the first being introduced. Read these forum about Prototype 3, I guess I agree if they have to make Mercer back in action, and explained that he wasn't the bad guys after all. Btw, where did you get this information? IGN, Gamespot, or from the real source? If you have any news or some rumors from them, let us know. It' good to have a strong community for Prototype franchise. So they will make the sequel as soon as possible.


alex shoud be revied and he shoud be the main character in p3. james shoud be killed and alex shoud triy take the planit for him self. he shoud come out of james but with both of there com bined power and kill all hoo staned in his way. but befor he takes the planit he shoud have a son and harf way throu the game you shoud swop main character with alexs son and be more powerfall and kill alex for good. and stop all hoo triy to make the vriers. alexs son shoud be caled (matthew).

Prototype 3 (The return of Alex Mercer & co-op campaign mode)Edit


Hi everyone. Regarding to the news, rumors, and some other thing might happen for the next prototype 3, I agreed if the story line will have Alex Mercer back into the action. Not sure what is the better story to make him come back, but some people talking about the re-boot of Prototype 2 or maybe he just resurface from Heller body, well, either way, I am quite happy to accept that. As long that Mercer back and make him not a bad guy. For these community forum, I also presented some modelling regarding to the game development too (not really fancy, but just help to imagine what it looks like).

The game development modelling sample:

Prototype 4

Basically what I want to explain that Prototype 3 will have Mercer back in action. So the dummy with red color will represent Mercer and Heller. And the main antagonist will be the one and only "The Pariah" (the light brown big dummy). Having both fighting the Pariah as the main story, that will be cool.


I would like to see something  called "anti-prototype". It is made when a soldier is in war then he gets his leg blown off. But a couple of months ago a gentek scientist was creating a cure to replace limbs, using hellers blood.  So they used it on that soldier and the cure replaced that limb, but also made the devastator attack happen.  But instead of it being black and red the tendril things would be white.  And that soldier tries to create an army of infected to destroy gentek.  But something turns up and The Almighty Pariah broke loose and oyu have to stop[ him.  But there is also a new attack for Heller.  It's almost like what Alex mercer did in Penn Station the second time the virus outbroke.  But instead of infecting them, it turns everyone, within its radius into one big bio-bomb.  But as it turns out that soldier was Alex Mercer, which crawled out of Heller and is back and way more powerful.  And it is him you get to play as.  So as you were saying they would team up.  But in the middle of the game, Heller throws down a giant thermobaric bearing helicopter, which he did not know was on there, and he killed Dana by accident, you can either choose to forgive him or kill him.  To forgive him you do a mission with Dana's funeral, you forgive him by going to Dana's funeral, you choose to kill him by watching the funeral from a distant building.  If you kill him you will go on to join up with Pariah and infect the world with the newly evolved Blacklight virus.  But if you should forgive him, you shall defeat Pariah with Heller.

I'm just saying add new powers and weapons and the ability to pick out an old absorbed skin, and powers like scythe hands, knife hand, an ability to have two different weapons at the same time, sonic waves that you can shoot from your mouth, turn your feet into giant (you know the mechanical feet from generator Rex) feet, bring back all the abilities from the first game too (including actually climbing a wall not running it), and maybe turn yourself into a monster or just have a tail, wings, and spider legs, axe hands. Now tell me that wouldn't be cool, I'd also like maybe a female protagonist (I'm a boy) but also be able to play as heller and mercer (maybe it could be Hellers daughter thats the protagonist who's name either escapes me or hard to pronounce) how's that.

You should be able to use any vehicle, like a car motorcyle etc. It should be worldwide like you can go to the different countries and, depending on whether you are good or bad, you can choose either to help save that country or help destroy it with the evolved.

mercers little secret Edit

what i think should happen is the day before the death of alex mercer he created a new infected that heller knew nothing about ... yet as the new evolved(you) are gaining your powers heller becomes more aware of your existance and trys to kill you because your just like mercer,when you kill heller(about 50% done) you also free mercer  unfotunetly for mercer he now has no powers at all but heller created a super loyal evolved and you must chase him down because he took mercer and you must save him .

i think there should be some new types of infected like infected super soldiers and, one type with the arms of a jugg and speed of a brawler

== I


My Ideas for Prototype 3Edit


         Well, obviously, we know that Heller consumed Mercer, right? Well, I think this is how it will go:

We start in the new, Blacklight-free NYZ. It starts with a tutorial (essentially Heller with all the past powers). After that, Heller gets injected by an upgraded parasite (like the one in Prototype 1) and barfs out some biomass (Mercer) and loses his powers to Mercer (the mutations anyways, you still keep disguise and your superhuman abilites). Mercer spreads Blacklight for the third time and this time, it reaches the mainland. Meanwhile, Pariah comes out of hiding and hides in the Red Zone. The virus spreads further north-east up until south-east Canada. By that time Blackwatch makes hundreds of blockades and walls surrounding the infected zones. Of course, there returns the Green Zones;the outer zones - Maine, southern Quebec, Montreal, Caribou, Bangor, Burlington and U.S northestern Canadian border, The Yellow Zones; the slightly infected zones - Syracuse, and Buffalo, The Red Zones; NYZ, Boston, Philadelphia, and Scranton, and the Blue Zone: areas totally without infection and Blackwatch's HQ (Washington D.C). All these locations are unlocked while the game progresses in this order: Green - Yellow - Blue/Red.

You start out in the Green Zone as Blackwatch soldiers are terrorizing citizens. You recieve your first missions from a former evolved who Mercer barfed out (Mercer was also injected by the upgraded parasite). As the storyline progresses, you regain your Powers (and the powers from Prototype 1) through mutations and consuming. By the time you reach the Yellow Zone, you'll have to choose where to go first. If you go to the Blue Zone first, you get no mutations, but you gain better skills in weapons, a wider variety of weapons and vehicles (that'll appear on the game once you know learn how to use them), and powers as a Blackwatch soldier (like Patsy). E.g.s are:

  • Thermobaric Tanks
  • Thermobaric Helicopters
  • Sniper Nests
  • Auto Grenade Launchers (from or removed from a siege heli)
  • Siege Heli
  • Chainsaws
  • UAVs
  • Reinforcements (sends in a squad of Blackwatch soldiers; amount and armnaments depend on zone)
  • Sniper Rifles
  • Heartbeat sensors
  • big badass
  • all ot protoypes games came to protoype3
  • Riot Patrol (spawns Blackwatch soldiers that only attack civilian and only works on yellow, green, and blue zones)
  • Aerial Support (summon bombing run upon enemies but only works in red zones)

If you choose the Blue Zone first, you get to kill the Leaders of Blackwatch and Gentek, but once you get to the Red Zone,  the enemies are stronger, there are more hives and lairs, evolved will spawn randomly, more mutants,and Mercer or Pariah are stronger. However, if you choose the Red Zone first, you get a large array of powers and there will be more kinds of enemies. E.g.s are:

  • Mole Armor (allows you to burrow, (there are caves in the world with various side quests and missions in them) increases damage, increases armor, but short visibility range, decreased speed and agility, and limited powers.)
  • Sea Mode (allows you to swim and increased agility, but decreased defence, attack, and limited powers)
  • Sling Arm (long-ranged claw-like projectile)
  • Earsplitter (lethal sound waves from mutated gaping mouth) 
  • Whitelight Oozer (slowly oozes Whitelight from your body)
  • Flyer Swarm (summons a large amount of flyers and a few harpies)


  • Flyers (now spawn more frequently and consumable)
  • Goliaths (now spawn, but extremley rare)
  • Infected Zoo Animals (essentially zoo animals with upgraded ablilities, e.g. tiger with claw powers)
  • Porqupines (Spiked Brawlers that don't have claws or mandibles, but can eject it's own spikes.
  • Nessies (mutated Marlins or other sea animals from the zoo)
  • Harpies (mutated birds of prey)
  • Mutant (zombie with slightly increased intelligence and each has 2 different powers)

If you choose the Red Zone first, you get to fight Mercer (and each of your powers get upgraded even if they are maxed), but if you go to the Blue Zone next, there are more Blackwatch, super-soldiers, patrol drones, USAF soldiers, helis, tanks, viral detectors, and the Leaders of Gentek and Blackwatch have better exoskeleton armor. Either way, you get to eliminate Blackwatch and Gentek. But, you'll have to choose between helping Pariah or Mercer. If you choose Mercer (which of whom has a part of Heller so he wants to eliminate the virus but still wants to make a better world) you destroy Pariah's "Super-Lair" (a lair that spans the entire Manhattan Island) and finally confront Pariah in Penn Station and with Mercer and Heller, now both have consumed Pariah make a combined "viral vortex"  which disintegrates every non-Prototype Blacklight being in the world. If you choose Pariah, you consume Mercer (for good this time) and with Pariah, Heller makes a "viral cloud" that spans the whole NE US, making it all a Red Zone.

my thoughts on prototype 3 Edit

this is what i think should be features in prototype 3 having different people to play as like Alex + James + Bella green whatever her name is have to be unlocked  also having heaps of different zombies and when you consume them you become a zombie and take its powers also multiplayer + co op like multiplayer will be like team death match free for all and having a survivor class and infected class and mercer virus class and co op would be co op campaign make it system link and split screen and online also blue zone witch that's black watch and gentek land and have loads of powers like being able to spit anytime by pressing right stick and bite by pressing left stick but also make bite infect people and make them zombies .thanks for reading!!! 05:46, July 8, 2013 (UTC)Flynn chambers

In Prototype 3, I would like to see Pariah. But not as the main protagonist,as the antagonist. The main character could be a back up plan made by Mercer himself. A civilian or blackwatch soldier that was givin the Blacklight virus. Mercer, knowing that Heller might rebel, trained the new protagonist to continue his legacy. The game could start out with Mercer leaving the protagonist, we'll call him P, with a set of directions to consume some blackwatch commander. P would receive memories about a special project which after investigating further is how P learned about Pariah. Throughout the game, the player would have to fight various infected, gaining new abilities, and fight the blackwatch. But throughout the missions, P's perspective on everything would change and the player could choose to either continue Mercers legacy or start his own. Be good or bad.

Blackwatch: The blackwatch faction would be changed. Most things about them should be revamped. New weapons, new leaders, new enemies and vehicles. Another idea is having a huge blackwatch base. The hive of the honeybee, if you will. For enemies there could be an elite blackwatch group. The best soldiers fitted with high tec weapons and armor. Super soldiers could be in it too. But maybe this time have different types. One type might be really fast and agile while another type is strong and damage resistant. As for vehicles, a mech or robotic humanoid machine that the player can enter and begin their destruction.

Infected: Pretty much just new enemies. The juggernauts were a good addition along with the flyers and evolved but add something much more unique. Maybe add a scary creature and some cannon fodder enemies. But a new monstrosity, maybe the virus manifested on its own and without changing some other creature, created a form of its own. P should be able to control infected, like pack leader but modified. Maybe using the mass meter, if the player want to control a pack of regular infected-because it's no special creature, only use a 6th of the mass meter.but the more infected you want or the special infected you want, the more or less the cost of mass.

A new faction would be neat for the game. The new faction could be another form of infection, started by Pariah himself. The infection would be similar to the Mercer infection but slightly different. Different colors and creatures, instead of red and black creatures have green and black or something. Another cool thing would be if blackwatch was defeated for good, maybe for the time, and the two infections battled to control the city and eventually planet. P and Heller vs Pariah. Heller would probably die or let P consume him because P is the only one strong enough to kill Pariah. In the end, P would consume Pariah gaining new abilities and becoming that much stronger, making the player a god so to speak, and P would be left to raise Maya. Maybe for a cliff hanger, P could give Maya the Blacklight virus and another cutscenes shows Pariahs son or daughter.

Prototype: Legacy Edit

In Prototype 3, I would like to see Pariah. But not as the main protagonist,as the antagonist. The main character could be a back up plan made by Mercer himself. A civilian or blackwatch soldier that was givin the Blacklight virus. Mercer, knowing that Heller might rebel, trained the new protagonist to continue his legacy. The game could start out with Mercer leaving the protagonist, we'll call him P, with a set of directions to consume some blackwatch commander. P would receive memories about a special project which after investigating further is how P learned about Pariah. Throughout the game, the player would have to fight various infected, gaining new abilities, and fight the blackwatch. But throughout the missions, P's perspective on everything would change and the player could choose to either continue Mercers legacy or start his own. Be good or bad.

Blackwatch: The blackwatch faction would be changed. Most things about them should be revamped. New weapons, new leaders, new enemies and vehicles. Another idea is having a huge blackwatch base. The hive of the honeybee, if you will. For enemies there could be an elite blackwatch group. The best soldiers fitted with high tec weapons and armor. Super soldiers could be in it too. But maybe this time have different types. One type might be really fast and agile while another type is strong and damage resistant. As for vehicles, a mech or robotic humanoid machine that the player can enter and begin their destruction.

Infected: Pretty much just new enemies. The juggernauts were a good addition along with the flyers and evolved but add something much more unique. Maybe add a scary creature and some cannon fodder enemies. But a new monstrosity, maybe the virus manifested on its own and without changing some other creature, created a form of its own. P should be able to control infected, like pack leader but modified. Maybe using the mass meter, if the player want to control a pack of regular infected-because it's no special creature, only use a 6th of the mass meter.but the more infected you want or the special infected you want, the more or less the cost of mass.

A new faction would be neat for the game. The new faction could be another form of infection, started by Pariah himself. The infection would be similar to the Mercer infection but slightly different. Different colors and creatures, instead of red and black creatures have green and black or something. Another cool thing would be if blackwatch was defeated for good, maybe for the time, and the two infections battled to control the city and eventually planet. P and Heller vs Pariah. Heller would probably die or let P consume him because P is the only one strong enough to kill Pariah. In the end, P would consume Pariah gaining new abilities and becoming that much stronger, making the player a god so to speak, and P would be left to raise Maya. Maybe for a cliff hanger, P could give Maya the Blacklight virus and another cutscenes shows Pariahs son or daughter.

Prototype Edit

13:26, July 15, 2013 (UTC) ba si voi un Prototype 3 da sa fie ma isuperf ca 1 si 2 :D:):):)13:26, July 15, 2013 (UTC)

if we don't stop the infection it will stop us Edit

Honestly i like all the suggestions but me and my friends ideas has co-op 25% into the game you can drive any vehicles and you start out as a random civilian named jacob rock and meets heller on a roof then you dont like hellers idea on destroying blackwatch and gentecs biosoldier its like a super soldier and a brawler combined  about 3% into the game you find heller again and he infects you and you have new powers and abilities like wings like an infected crow/bird and instead of blade arms you have axe arms and instead you can shoot blades out of your hands or the ability to turn people into zombies. the infection starts when alexs brain goes into hellers making him psychotic about 4% into the game soon after your meet him again and tells you to help him takover nyz then the world. you disagree with him and go into a fight before he is out of health he knocks you unconsius. you wake up in dana's house not remembering anything she tells you what happened and tells you to stop  him know matter what happens.about 15% into the game you find out father guerra is alive hiding in a bunker in the red zone. you then head to the red zone to find father. you find him and take him back to the yellow zone. you when on the ride there you come face to face with 2 new infected the tank and the kryptonite. the kryptonite has swords on both sides of his hands and the tank has giant arms with a blade at the end of his index finger. 24%into the game father gets stabbed by the tank and gets infected. jacob tries to help him but he's to late and he turns into an infected and helps jacob kill the infected and thats when the co op missions start and you can choose if you want to be jacob rock or be father guerra. now in this mode you can play xbox live  and play with friends now the map will be alot bigger than the ones from the other prototype games and there will be more zones and alot more blackwatch men and more missions. then you find heller killing a group of people you then start attacking him co-op is available during any fights. about  into the game you unlock 3 new powers when you consume a brawler or any other infected you can shapeshift into the monster or for 15 second+ you get guns and can destroy anything and instead of mass you can turn into a indestructible monster. and at the end of the game fight the unexpected.... heller in the last fight and you can figure out the rest on your own in the game.                                                                                                                                   by jordi. t and jordan. s

Just a thought Edit

I have always been more of a strategy person so you may not like this idea buti think it would be cool if you could be either the leader of black watch who has been injecting himself with the virus secretly and you still having powers or you could be heller leading the infected maybe by consuming mercer you have gain the power to control the infected, but as one of the leaders you can determine what path you want to pursue for you and your army as blackwatch you could try finding a cure or make a weapon or just kill me all haha or as heller sort of the same thing kill them all or spread the virus maybe fight for survival you know just many different things it would be up to the player but for gameplay it would still be third person but you could have the option to plan out your attacks with your army could go into serious detail with how the battle will play out like as heller you maybe attacking a base you could send your biggest infected first to take out the walls then have the smaller infected follow up and start in fetching the rest of the base Ora's blackwatch defending you plan out your defense and if your starting to lose you could have planned for rein enforcements to come in after a set period of time or call them in while your playing now during all of this you will be playing to either defending or attacking depending on who you chose they are many different things to do with this as for story I would recommend the ideas that other people have said on this forum because they are all good and interesting I just wanted to throw outa new type of gameplay design that would be cool cuz you could solo it like usual or plan out your attacks and if you don't want to plan them out there would be like a random setting where the game gives your army a random plan and you see how it unfolds as you play and still have powers for yourself to use in combat anyways just an idea I thought i would throw out there so let me kno what you think thanks have a good day 20:41, November 18, 2013 (UTC)~~









. . .


The Blacklight virus has emerged again, and this time it threatens a large chunk of the country.  New York City, Boston, and Washington D.C. (including the Blackwatch headquarters at Fort Detrick) all have confirmed outbreaks.  Reliable intelligence places James Heller at the site of the first outbreak, in Boston; however, there have also been sightings of Alex Mercer in New York, and an unidentified woman apparently commanding the infected in Washington.  With the infected and a potential runner on Blackwatch's doorstep, and Blacklight threatening the entire country, Blackwatch pulls its secret weapon out of cold storage - their very own pet monster, codenamed PARIAH.  Gameplay will involve traveling between each of these infected zones, much as Prototype 2 allowed travel between different zones.

Over the course of the story, it becomes apparent that the unidentified woman is Elizabeth Greene, trying to get her son back from Blackwatch at any cost.  It becomes further apparent that Greene, Mercer, and Heller are all the same individual - one body with three minds that have become so blended together that they no longer know whose thoughts and memories and desires belong to whom.  When Mercer consumed Greene, a fragment of her personality remained intact, slowly poisoning his mind, leading him to spread the virus a second time in New York.  When Heller consumed Mercer, both of them remained within him, battling one another and Heller himself for dominance of the body.  In the final battle, the conglomerate switches forms repeatedly; all three minds taunt PARIAH, but Mercer and Heller also insist that the player must kill them and may even offer helpful advice on how to do so (while still fighting the player, of course).

Although Blackwatch starts out as an ally, at some point, they should become an enemy, because it just wouldn't be the same without being able to tear Blackwatch goons apart and eat their memories.  Perhaps PARIAH will find out that they intend to kill him after he's done their job for them, or that they don't intend to eliminate the infection - they hope to command it as Greene did, with Gentek's help.

Also, they'd change Blackwatch outfits back to something like the Prototype 1 version.  Blackwatch troops would look more like elite military personnel in gas masks and less like beefed-up space marines or something. 03:27, December 20, 2013 (UTC)

prototype 3 : hay my naame is soumyadeep das from india westbangal barrackpore AFS.i wish that there will be a new charactor who is the sun of james heller. james heller will give one forth power to he son and his son will thoso powers wrongly then jemes havde to kill his son but he donot have that much power so he will become alex merser and he have to make a team

GTA 5 is more interesting then prototype 3                             portotype 3 is very bad game     

thank you

vvvvveeeeeeryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bbbbbaddddddddddd

possible prototype 3 ideas. Edit

I think prototype 3 should have co-op.

mercer (real) and heller, working with each other. have powers like "grounddive", where they go onderground and upon surfacing, spikes shoot up and impale enemies, handy if surrounded.

also, COMBO powers. like, fusing the hammer fist and whip fist to make a wrecking ball like power, good for when climbing a wall, like in the first one.

new devestators, chance to change appearance, STEALTH powers, like a small blade for a finger to silently kill.

improve the biobomb, so it can work against juggernauts and the chance to control the BIGGER infected like the goliath DIRECTLY!

and....CRITICAL FORM! a powerup when you consume enough evolved to gain a berserker like mode.

also, moving with the sheild and musclemass back, plus able to use 2 powers at the same time. like, claws and blade and devestators for each power.

as well as MULTIPLE endings, depending on your actions and the ability to be mercer OR heller if single player.

sensory powers should be used, like infected and thermal.

Would be cool if in Prototype 3 you play with a blackwatch soldier who get the virus and start mutating like Heller,and then he notices he work is not doing the good but only evil,and then he starts working with Heller to rip off blackwatch to out of the world

08:58, February 7, 2014 (UTC)~~

ideas Edit

Ha i thought of this a long time ago, ok so what if a small part of alex mercer broke off of his body just as heller was consuming him and he was able to come back in the story

i dont have much in terms of wepons but maybe you can add some dragoatonic stuff in there so you can have a sort of dragon form and human form interchangeable forms so on a misson you encounter an infected that somehow became a dragon thing with powerful wings that has a long blade startin at the  middle to the tips {on the blade itself from the base to the tips has glowing red hieroglyphics or letterings[ also if you can make it so that every power has the red hieros as a sort of "power increaser" that would be so AWSOME!!!!!!! ] but the ability to fly is limited to 3 or 5 mins [give or take].... in dragon form you are still able to access your claws or hammerfists ect [with red hieros hopefully].  

in dragon form your power is doubled[ or lessened ] and your movements are quicker[ or slower ] plus you are able to pick up whole small vehicles with your tail while fighting another opponent. you have curved metallic spikes protruding out of your dragon back so you can do ranged cannonball attacks {like bowser from mario} plus you have the ability to breath fire BUT only at a limited range and has a cooldown period...... later you could do stuff that increases range and shortens the cooldown of the fire breathing....the bad part of the dragon form is that sensors in the area find you twice as fast and teams get to you even faster so you have to do a lot of fighting (yay!)

you could add a new vehicle: drones from blackwatch that carry chainguns [or gatling guns] and infected seeking missiles {there is a loophole here since it is an INFECTED seeking missile if you throw an infected or bioweponed person and the missile will automatically lock on to it} as for how it will look like maybe something like the Red Faction game {but unmanned so you cant control it} it would have armor plating making it a challenge to take down

also PLEASE ADD MORE CREATIVE SWEARING i loved to hear heller say: send the ground my regards motherf*$%#^ i laughed so hard on that one (and i giggled while writing it) and countless others, i enjoyed that so much and want to thank the creators for doing that, i can honestly say that i am happy about that

thats all the ideas i have, thank you for taking the time to read through this article i hope you enjoed it please feel free to alter my ideas (except the dragon parts and the hieros unless you can make it better). and hopefully the Prototype franchise will grow more in popularity and be more exciting for the players


alpha ideas (same on the bottom of the page) Edit

Ha i thought of this a long time ago, ok so what if a small part of alex mercer broke off of his body just as heller was consuming him and he was able to come back in the story

i dont have much in terms of wepons but maybe you can add some dragoatonic stuff in there so you can have a sort of dragon form and human form interchangeable forms so on a misson you encounter an infected that somehow became a dragon thing with powerful wings that has a long blade startin at the  middle to the tips {on the blade itself from the base to the tips has glowing red hieroglyphics or letterings[ also if you can make it so that every power has the red hieros as a sort of "power increaser" that would be so AWSOME!!!!!!! ] but the ability to fly is limited to 3 or 5 mins [give or take].... in dragon form you are still able to access your claws or hammerfists ect [with red hieros hopefully].  

in dragon form your power is doubled[ or lessened ] and your movements are quicker[ or slower ] plus you are able to pick up whole small vehicles with your tail while fighting another opponent. you have curved metallic spikes protruding out of your dragon back so you can do ranged cannonball attacks {like bowser from mario} plus you have the ability to breath fire BUT only at a limited range and has a cooldown period...... later you could do stuff that increases range and shortens the cooldown of the fire breathing....the bad part of the dragon form is that sensors in the area find you twice as fast and teams get to you even faster so you have to do a lot of fighting (yay!)

you could add a new vehicle: drones from blackwatch that carry chainguns [or gatling guns] and infected seeking missiles {there is a loophole here since it is an INFECTED seeking missile if you throw an infected or bioweponed person and the missile will automatically lock on to it} as for how it will look like maybe something like the Red Faction game {but unmanned so you cant control it} it would have armor plating making it a challenge to take down

also PLEASE ADD MORE CREATIVE SWEARING i loved to hear heller say: send the ground my regards motherf*$%#^ i laughed so hard on that one (and i giggled while writing it) and countless others, i enjoyed that so much and want to thank the creators for doing that, i can honestly say that i am happy about that

thats all the ideas i have, thank you for taking the time to read through this article i hope you enjoed it please feel free to alter my ideas (except the dragon parts and the hieros unless you can make it better). and hopefully the Prototype franchise will grow more in popularity and be more exciting for the players

~~DragonGod~~ 04:59, February 21, 2014 (UTC)giggity goo 10000%

I think in prototype 3 that aexhad injected hellers daughter with his on dna so that she becomes a stronger version of him and heller has to make a decision to either kill alex again but in that version he becomes completly evil but ztronger and he wants to do what alex wanted to do in p2 or gets killed and alex is who you become but because he would have consumed heller so he could get all of his power back but he becomes good because hellers memory will make him relize his evil and he will try to stop the virus 

and we should get new weopens and ablitys and mutations and the old ons from 1 and 2 too

~~Ideas for a Prototype 3~~

What I would like to see is Alex Mercer returning to the game. A way out of his death could be that since he was the first "evolved" and the fact that when someone is consumed their DNA is locked within the consumer, this could bring about his return. How? Well James Heller could be fighting some remaining Blackwatch and could have his hand cut off, where Alex grows back. This is backed up in the scene of Prototype 1, were they were able to grow back from just a pool of blood. This could also lead to a new way of fighting, because Alex would be reborn from Heller's DNA so their powers would be split. Alex could have more damage with claws and the blade and also be quicker and have better jumping height where Heller could then have more damage with fists and have more health.

This would be good because then you could change characters (like in GTA 5) ad have different missions with each character, which would lead to some sort of end. This would mean that if liked Alex but also liked a Heller quest that you could play it and then continue, also these missions or quests should entwine with one another, so both sides of the story makes sense. With Alex having the bad ending e.g. he becomes the hive mind and consumes the planet, and Heller having the good ending e.g. he consumes Alex again and then leaves to make way for a Prototype 4 or he consumes himself. Also, for a Prototype 4, you could have a drop of blood from either Heller or Alex (depending who you chose), where they start to grow back and swear revenge.

For the actual gameplay, I would also love new powers. Like being able to corrupt people in a similar way as the Bio-bomb or, like someone else said (my apologies, I can't remember your name) a ranged attack like knives or spikes in your arms.

I would also like to see more of Dana Mercer, and to see whether she would repel Alex or join him in power (or possibly, if granted powers, consuming him herself).

Prototype 3 Edit

Look at the Prototype series whole guys.

Everything from Greene to Heller put into perspective has a kind of plot.

Idaho, Greene  coincidentally accepted the virus whilst being pregnant and acted as an incubator to Pariah. Early stages of the virus happened here.

Project Blacklight was released to NYC with Mercer coming into existence. Within Prototype  we can see that you will fight Greene with many meetings being cloudy like the parasite that affected Mercer but not Greene  eventhough Mercer biology has little difference with Greene. As I see it Greene's intention was to be consumed by Mercer as to suggest things to Mercer in a physiological way. The virus was destroyed, but it only showed the natural evolutionary process in which the stronger strain must destroy the weaker strain to thrive.

Thus Prototype 2 In which THE VIRUS was re-released into the world was a stronger and more evolved strain in which in the chaos Maya survived whilst her mother did not. The only thing that could have made this happen was that the VIRUS had choosen Maya's genetics to be compatible and irreplaceable, that is why Heller had grown stronger than Mercer when infected. What does Heller have that Mercer did not, his drive to protect Maya at all costs. And again resulted in the destruction of the VIRUS. Again evolution in progress as new genetic material was required for futher evolution aka Maya's genetics and an overprotective Heller as security for the viruses future.

Pariah was implied as dead being stabbed but, Pariah is like Mercer which is almost immortal suggesting that Pariah lives. If that in perspective the only way the VIRUS could get stronger was to have Maya and Pariah copulate and give birth to offspring having all and new strains resulting in the destruction of Heller as the weaker strain giving way to the stronger new strain (Almost like Greene) and will repeat again and again until the cycle is somehow broken or strain is strong enough to be unstoppable.Tj.dedios.5 (talk) 10:40, March 30, 2014 (UTC)

Personally I would like to play as Alex Mercer Because I think he's a "key Character" of the game I mean no Alex, no Prototype. And thecreators could make it look like the whole James Heller story was a glimpse of the future like those web things but in this case instead of showing the past we see the potential future to justify it.Or in Prototype 3 we could play as another character maybe "John Ricker" or something since all their surnames seem to rim.And a power the could be added is like spikes that the charater can grow from his skin and shoot at the enemy and probably have an infinite amount of them. Lastly I think what woul be great is that his blade, his wipe,his claws and all that could be the same as the first game because I think in the second one the powers were too fancy I mean it's like Heller carved his blade, if someone truly had these powers i think they would mostly look like Alex Mercers.

Cheat Codes Edit

All I want to see are cheat codes at least one like the player having the possibility to "never die" like never, cause I mean like we all know how frustrating play that game can be. I mean it's not like I'm asking the developers to add like a thousand codes, just one or two maybe tree will do just to put the gamer really in a position of power. 


I feel that eventhough they make a new prototype it's gonna be the last on so like the developers should go full out, go with the bang, go big or go home I mean i'm not hating, all this is constructive criticism. I mean i love this game and I sure as hell would want to see it die or become a third wheel SO I THINK ALL THE IDEAS SHOULD BE CONSIDERED FROM "A" TO "Z".


Powers Edit

I think in prototype 3 the player should be alowed to have more than 5 powers. Apower which i think would be cool would be like a "hook" power that he can use to rip his enemies around and parkour with it as well. And i also think the developers should bring back the muscle mass power so he can lift tanks, helicopters and large enemies so that the player can have more controle more power and more fun with his powers.And the spike power i think is a wonder ful idea cause so far is has blades,claws and wipes and bunch of other stuff but none of which he can shoot. i think i speak for all of us when i say that we would love to see something like that. And i don't think the shield should be part of the hammer fists i mean it should be a seperated powers that you can combine with other powers like the blade or wipe and maybe they can modify the way it looks so it can have like a "turtle shell" or something< just something that looks really hard and indistructible.And another thing the character should be able to transform into a hunter or like big monster thing.

Story Edit

I think for the story should take place in the distant future and the character should be a teenage who's father is like a scientist who works on improving the black light virus and one day the dude enters the lab and is infected with the virus. and basically the goal of the whole story would be to find other infected and make like a team or something and then save the world from the virus before it infects every thing. And like you have different targets who work on the virus that you have to kill and maybe in the end there can be like a twist. Like the  rebirth of Alex Mercer who was taken prisoner and exploited for his powers and the fact that he is the virus. And at some he becomes the leader and you play as him from now on and fight blackwatch and all the guys behind it who purposly infected themselves and the city to justify the need of extra military funding and more soldiers, more tanks well a bigger arsenal of weapons.

Possible in PROTOTYPE 3 Edit

Prototype 3 i think there must be a new character in this new action. I think this story must focus now on heller. Pariah must appear here in 3rd sequel, she must be the option of being a antagonist here.. So if possible, PARIAH WILL BE THE LAST BOSS FIGHT IN PROTOTYPE 3! there could be a customize a character in there

Pariah Edit

What i would like to see is Pariah as a playable character, what could happen is that he/she breaks out of whatever facility he/she is being held in and releases the virus creating other leaders in the process. But after that he/she sees the world for the first time and after consuming some humans begins feeling real human emotion like sympathy and guilt which he/she never felt before because she was locked up. And then decides to try and stop the virus he/she created and take out the leaders. 


PROTOTYPE 3: The human side of the slaughter.Edit

My idea for a Prototype prequel is something perhaps a little less more intriguing than a virus-infected super-powered bad-ass jumping from roof to roof and using a variety of powers to butcher everyone in his path, I'd like something a little more down-to-earth and human scaled. A game where you play as the most unexplored enemies in the game: Police officers.


Derrick Andrews, an NYPD officer, is in the middle of a turbulent time in both his personal life and career. His recent involvement in another 'Police brutality' scandal where he mercilessly beat and killed a 'homeless' man whom he insists had tried to maul him is forcing his superiors to shove him to the sidelines, whilst his wife has divorced him because of this incident. He's taken to drinking and taking 'recreational' narcotics, further damaging his career. When the outbreak begins, he learns that his homeless victim certainly had a home, a very permanent one at that: Gentek's Headquarters. Discovering that the victim was in fact a test subject, infected with Blacklight, he delves deeper and finds himself on the radar of Blackwatch and the USMC as the quarantine of Manhattan commences. As he works to save his colleagues, random civilians and others, he watches the city collapse before him in turmoil. With the collapse of the NYPD and the tightening grip of martial law, he becomes a vigilante, hellbent on restoring law and order through any means, fighting both his own government and the infected.


The basic game would, as the other Prototype's have been, be a free roaming, open world area, with some interiors for buildings that can be accessed. You operate at first with the ever present law enforcers of Manhattan and work alongside them for the first quarter of the game, dressed in  an NYPD uniform that becomes more and more dirty, unclean and tattered as the city falls apart. The story line would tie in with the First Outbreak and follow the peak story moments in the original Prototype, following the events carefully. As law and order collapses and the NYPD becomes defunct, he becomes a vigilante. You would basically follow a storyline that consists of him trying to reveal Gentek's involvement in the outbreak and his battle against the occupation force and the infected, whilst attempting to save random civilians. Side missions would consist of him rescuing these people, fighting infected, helping the military on occasion and then fighting them.

Once you are thrown out of the NYPD, you would be able to customize your character's clothing from a range of attire that you could either purchase or search for, donning either civilian, military or special attire, like Blackwatch Officer disguises. You'd also have the chance to acquire safe houses that could be used as defensible points, places to restock your ammunition and health, protection from the undead hordes and more. You'd also be able to utilize a range of firearms, starting off with the standard Pistol, then moving up to the Assault Rifles, Machine guns and Shotguns later on as you progress through the story or take them from free roaming. Collectibles would include Blackboxes, Newspaper clippings and Research notes, all of which could be examined at numerous safehouses. You can also take control of vehicles, like Marine Trucks or Police Cars, and some airborne vehicles, with the inclusion of new Police helicopters and the regular Transport Helicopter and Gunship helicopters.

Story MissionsEdit

  • Joe Average (Tutorial)
  • Trial by Fire (Prologue)
  • What's Wrong With NY?
  • Unhealthy Habits
  • Harlem Blues
  • Evacuate
  • The Thin Blue Line
  • Martial Law
  • Modus Operandi
  • Bloodbath
  • Semper Fidelis
  • Air Support Inbound
  • Meeting of the Minds
  • We'll Make it Out
  • This is It (Ending Mission)

Optional MissionsEdit

  • Rescue: Assist civilians who are unarmed, trapped and on the verge of collapse under attack from infected. Infected seen range from Walkers to Infected Civilians, depending on the difficulty level and how far the story has progressed. The mission will succeed if you lead the civilians to a safe area located on your map, but will fail if these civilians or you are killed.
  • Defence: Civilian defenders who are armed and defending a certain building that has an interior will aid you as you attempt to defend yourself and them from infected which come in waves. The mission will succeed if you hold the infected off after each wave, but will fail if you or all the civilians are killed.
  • Aid The Military Operation: You will be helping military soldiers, of whom will range from USMC to Blackwatch forces, whom will either be attempting to  rescue civilians, hunt infected and defend areas. This is the only optional mission where a Hunter will spawn. The mission will succeed if you help the soldier's complete their objectives, but will fail if you are killed or too many of the soldier's die.
  • Stop The Military Operation: You will be attacking military soldiers, of whom will range from USMC to Blackwatch forces, whom will either be attempting to recover research, kill civilians, destroy safehouses and hunt you down. The mission will succeed if you prevent the soldier's from completing their objectives, but will fail if you are killed or the soldier's complete their objectives.


There's to much gossip about this topic so with a honest truth the prototype game series is officially deceased of future projects now before anyone starts to gossip even more if there will be any "Prototype" game everyone shall be informedAlex J. Mercer (talk) 03:25, May 31, 2014 (UTC)AlexJMercer

I know u are great editors but dont u think Heller have morer power then Mercer and Heller is in favour of good

So thats why Heller should be the hero

At Last  Alex and someone more powerful should be the villan08:47, June 19, 2014 (UTC)




























I think that mercer will still be alive but rotting and dying inside heller body so he feeds on blood cells to survive and after a few years he gathers enough energy to push himself out of hellers body heller loseshis powers and the virus but mercer lose his power but still hasthe virus so he finds new ways to bet powers instead of cinsuming infected things he consumes infected objects for example a car has a bid of virus cells so mercer can consume and become the car anyway back to the story you play as mercer in one story and play as heller in another one and later when mercer gives heller another chance to unite he gives him his powers back butthen heller takes the powers and gles rouge and fights back so mercer starts to infect things later on you have the choice to fight back kr become evil it is the player choice if you fight back stay 2 seperate story if you become evil it is one story but you can play co-op and later on anyway mercer trys to take heller daughter but then you refuse as heller and ther are more powers because mercer creates new infected things and you can consume a bird and then play as a bird  so you get more powers then there is boss fight called _________existance is nothing in the boss fight you chose heller ormercer to play with but this time no consumption it is a fight to the death.

Prototype 3 Edit

Prototype 3

I want to see someone who is not afraid to take it to the next level. Who doesn't care about anything except himself/herself. I want him to have sort of the same powers in prototype 1 and 2 with some new powers such as short range teleportation, Bio-mechanical limbs that help him control machines as well and sort of a better shapeshifting option where you can access all the skins you get. Maybe some evil/ good exclusives such as if your evil your powers are more darker and you get more lethal/brutal methods and if your good your powers are lighter and are Non-Lethal with some exceptions. The GUNS need to be a little more OP where your okay to face but still need to rely. 

There should be a good option where the virus is tamed and helps people and everything goes back to the way it was and a bad ending where you kill James and Kill his daughter and take control of all the infected. There should be 4 city types. Slums, Military, Infected and the Uninfected.

A few things I want to see. Keep the thing where you can pick up guns and run around with them like a normal soldier. I'd love if you had the option Dual Wield different weapons at once (e.g the claw in one hand and the whip fist in the other). Please bring back the parkour elements that were present in the first game (backflips and turning in the air). Maybe have a little thing involving the use of skateboards when you're free roaming and being able to jump high on them and skate up walls.. And lastly, I would love to see a choice of paths throughout the game, and being able to create your own army of evolved to call upon whenever you want and start prototype wars in the streets (consuming other involved could also grant you their forms and their weapons, aswell as the weapons you have), and bring back the playable skins of Alex and James once you've completed the game. This I think would make the perfect prototype game

I want to see a prototype that has a home and something to do once the main story is finished, I want to see that the Bad Ending makes you stronger where the good ending makes you weaker so that our choices make a difference. 

Story Line:

3 years passed and blackwatch has released a new virus stronger and more deadly than before. They test it out on a prisoner who is trapped there where he learns to use his powers. Blackwatch want him to take out James Heller so he can be cured and he can go back to his family but James wants him to help take Blackwatch down once and for all 

I'd Personally like to see heller living his life hiding then he starts getting flashes and voices from Mercer in his sleep and eventually just everywhere and the story would go like this:

Mercer knew that heller had reached the top of the food chain as he calls it when you consume him before you even fought him but he needed a way to comunicate and get his point about what he was trying to do to without being in danger of Heller killing him so he put his DNA in to someone else and rather than consuming them forced himself in to their body to fight heller so he would win and consume the fake Mercer now their brains were one in the same and alex could comunicate telepathecally to to James, but he left Heller to live as after transfering most of his power to his fake Mercer and then to Heller he was weak and knew Heller didnt want to follow him and would rather live with his daughter. After some time Mercer manages to get in to Blackwatch tipping off the new head of the Blackwatch program he then reopens the Heller case and as he knows exactly where Heller is Blackwatch find him and manage to once again secure his daughter Heller angry storms Blackwatch only to ind his ex-enemy that once stole his daughter doing the same thing Mercer then breaks his daughter out and Heller goes to kill Mercer assuming he was stealing her again but Mercer simply returns her to make Heller not want to kill him. Heller then tells Mercer to get out of his head and stop messing with his life Mercer says he cant he is one in the same with hime now this allows the player to switch from Heller to Mercer and Mercer to Heller and they each can have different powers and missions to do. Blackwatch follow Heller and dont let up they start a program to make another prototype to beat them this time it works they have an loyal prototype with a different virus and different powers but he cant spread it word gets to Mercer and Heller through consuming guards and eventually you have to get more powerful and defeat some of these loyal super soldiers getting their powers too Blackwatch then introduce their new super soldier as a sort of super heroe the infect buildings with the Mercer virus and let him clear them to make him look better to the public. So Alex and Heller decide to go public making videos for the news then they take down Blackwatch but not the Super soldier who gets more powerful too.

The world is split siding with Mercer Heller Hybrid or the protagonist both claiming to be more powerful than each other at the end you and your army you have built fight him and his army both armies has evolved types that have powers and even regular people fight for them with flags and symbols to represent them at the end of the game you obviously fight the protagonist alone and beat him but the free roam  is now just destroying the rest of the resistance also as a minigame they could have wars with a dynamic line of defense that can move around without being limited by sectors like games have done in the past but can actually move freely but also have bases for something to do in free roam.

Dlc should have costumes like Black watch James heller Doctor and finally alex mercer before he had powers with out the jacket!

Prototype 2 was also a disappointment for me when James killed Alex because i see him as the original prototype and the series would be not as good without him if it continues. Hopefully though he didnt die because he can regenerate and Heller didnt consume the arms or the blood that was left over from the fight. If Mercer can survive a nuke turning him to nothing, then im pretty sure he is somehow still alive or i hope so. So do you know or think there will be a prototype 3? Thanks 

P.S. If you think there will be another what are your ideas on how the series will continue? I think Heller might have split personalities with Mercer still alive inside him or he will regenerate, cant really tell for sure, I think it will be better that Mercer's arms regenerate him and start a new story of Alex Mercer as a hero.

I like Mercer's style and he have a nice story in prototype 1 but in prototype 2 the story turned to something else that most peoples didnt like it ( prototype 2) and i am sure if Activision make Alex Mercer returns as a hero in prototype 3 it will be best.

Alexx Mercer (talk)M.jAlexx Mercer (talk)

Prototype 3: Project Blackhope Edit

In Prototype 3, Alex Mercer is present in Heller's being and begins to take over Heller's body. Alex offers a deal with Heller; if Heller resurrects Alex by injecting his DNA into another suitable organism, Alex will help Heller remove the Mercer virus from his body. Heller originally refuses and puts up a fight, however he suspects that Project: Blacklight is planning something with Elizabeth Greene's child Pariah. Consequently he realizes that Mercer could potentially be an asset as he was able to block Heller from accessing all of Mercer’s memories. Heller investigates and doesn't understand what Project Blacklight could be planning with Pariah as Pariah is only a child, five years old. Mercer then reluctantly tells Heller that Pariah is a host for both the mutated Blacklight virus and their virus, the Mercer virus. Heller still doesn't understand the threat and Mercer and Heller agree that if Heller can find someone to transfer Alex's DNA to another organism, Mercer could be reborn. Heller then consumes his way through Project Blacklight’s base in Manhattan and injects Alex's DNA into the Base Commander. Alex is reborn and describes Pariah. Heller learns from Alex's explanation that Project Hope have teamed up with Project Blacklight and intend to create more Prototypes, possibly even more powerful than both Heller and Mercer, to capture the two of them. Mercer also tells Heller that with Pariah Project Blacklight and Project Hope are planning to create a vaccine for the Mercer virus. Heller understands and believes that consuming Pariah would remove his powers, which he never wanted, and prevent war between the Prototypes and the US Government. Mercer agrees to help Heller restore his humanity on the grounds that he would not try to double-cross him. Heller vows the affirmative. Mercer infiltrates Project Hope headquarters and discovers Dana locked in a cell with Pariah. Before releasing them he hacks the mainframe of the building and discovers that Dana had been contaminated with the Mercer and the Blacklight virus simultaneously. This served to send her abilities into a much higher league than his and Heller's. This virus had been codenamed by the project as Merceller and is under a subcategory of viruses in a section called Superprototype. Alex saves Dana and Pariah however he is captured by one of Project Hope's Prototypes, Michael Kizen. Heller meets up with Dana and Pariah and Dana reveals to Heller that she was infected by the two viruses as part of Hope and Blacklight's project to create soldiers strong enough for the US military to not be needed, even to defeat Heller and Mercer. Heller admits that Mercer has stayed loyal to his agreement and that there may be more to Mercer than Heller originally guessed. Heller decides not to consume Pariah and to save Mercer. Dana kisses Heller before he goes and infects him with the Merceller Virus, making him as strong as the Superprototypes. Heller Infiltrates the command and is confronted by Michael Kizen. Kizen lies to Heller and tells him that Mercer handed himself over to Project Blackhope, the merged projects of Blacklight and Hope, in order to gain access to the Superprototype Virus, Merceller, hence becoming a member of Project: Superprototype. Heller then proceeds to confront Mercer on the newly gained information. Mercer ignores Heller and confronts Kizen, challenging him to a duel. Heller advises Mercer against it as Kizen is a Superprototype, realizing that Kizen was seeking to tear Mercer’s and Heller’s newly found trust apart. Mercer admits to Heller at that time that he never wanted to be the Prototype. He shows Heller a flashback and Heller learns that Mercer was drafted into Project Blacklight due to his creative thinking and intelligent work with genetic engineering. Heller learns that Mercer had no choice but to release the virus the first time or die, along with everyone else in Project Blacklight. During this Kizen flees. Mercer decides to kill and consume Kizen, thereby gaining information on Project: Superprototype. Heller first infects Mercer with the Superprototype Virus, Merceller. Heller returns to Dana and Pariah to find Dana unconscious and Pariah gone. Heller takes Dana to his house and proceeds to hunt down Pariah. Heller tracks Pariah and finds him located in Project Blackhope's underwater laboratory 30 kilometres off the west coast of Manhattan. Mercer finds and engages Kizen. Mercer gains the upper hand, kills and consumes Kizen. Mercer then learns that Kizen is only one of hundreds of Superprototypes that Project Blackhope had manufactured at their underwater laboratory. Mercer meets up with Heller on the Beach and they head underground to infiltrate the base. Heller and Mercer enter the base to find the Superprototypes waiting for them. Heller and Mercer are overwhelmed and captured. The project leader, Doctor Gareth Cross, the younger brother of deceased Captain Robert Cross, concludes the project a success and begins to prep Heller and Mercer for vaccination. Dana awakens to discover herself at Heller's house in South Manhattan. Dana remembers that Heller had taken her to his place and that he had said, “I will find you Gareth,” before he left. Dana concludes that Gareth Cross is the leader of both Projects Blackhope and Superprototype. Dana then proceeds to the facility via jet. Upon arrival she breaches one of the walls to the complex, beginning to flood the interior. Some of the Superprototypes investigate and are killed and consumed by Dana. She learns that Mercer and Heller are located one kilometre below the bottom of the ocean in a highly secure vault. Dana proceeds to sneak her way down to where Heller and Mercer are contained. Dana consumes one of the secondary directors to Project Superprototype and assumes his form to allow her to access all areas of the complex. Upon exiting an elevator that took her to the bottom floor an alarm is triggered and around a hundred Superprototypes flock to the elevator. Dana remains in her director form and the Superprototypes request information. Dana reports that there is a breach in the outer wall and that Dana Mercer could potentially be attempting to rescue Alex and James. The Superprototypes tear the elevator out and proceed up the shaft to the higher levels, only to be washed down to the bottom of the shaft by a huge volume of water. Dana realizes her time is limited and hurries to find Heller and Mercer. She discovers that even with her high level of security clearance as the secondary director she still cannot access the vault where Heller and Mercer are kept. Dana decides that she needs to kill and consume Gareth Cross. She finds Cross in the reactor core of the complex. Cross immediately recognizes her and Dana attempts to attack Cross but is surprised to discover that he himself is a Superprototype. He overpowers her and pins her down. Dana proceeds to demand of Cross that he tell her where Pariah is. Cross explains that he came home. Dana thinks for a moment and realizes that Cross is Pariah’s father. When Project Blacklight was first tested in 1969 Elizabeth Greene was not the only survivor, her husband and child were also hosts. Her husband was a host of the Blacklight virus the same way that she was. Cross then proceeded to gather samples of the Mercer Virus and create the Merceller Virus. He then created himself and proceeded to create an army of Superprototypes. Dana informs Cross that their Superprototypes would be no match for Heller and the two Mercers. Cross disagrees however Alex Mercer bursts through the wall of the reactor core chamber and overpowers Cross. Heller emerges from the same hole and releases Dana. The remaining Superprototypes drop from the roof and begin engaging Heller and the two Mercer’s. Heller, Alex and Dana escape the flooding complex and are followed by the Superprototypes, Cross is amongst them. Alex and Heller deduce that the Superprototypes are controlled by Cross. Alex plans that if Heller and himself keep the other Superprototypes occupied, Dana can find, kill and consume Cross. This would reduce the Superprototypes’ morale and make them easier to kill. The plan initiates and Dana finds and engages Cross. Cross however gains the upper hand and prepares to kill and consume Dana. Pariah dives from the sky and tackles Cross, saving Dana. Dana and Cross reengage and Dana learns how Cross fights, gains the upper hand and proceeds to kill and consume Cross. The Superprototypes lose their morale and begin using their critical mass abilities, similar to Alex’s and James’. Alex, Dana and James try to dodge the attacks however they find themselves gradually losing strength. Pariah takes a sample of his blood and gives it to Alex, telling him that the right thing by one man, is another man’s wrong. Alex reflects on this and realizes what he must do. He leaps into the midst of the Superprototypes and performs an air-tendril barrage devastator whilst injecting himself with the blood from Pariah. The cure passes through Alex and into the Superprototypes. They all lose their abilities and fall to their deaths. Alex loses consciousness and falls however Heller catches and saves him. Alex awakens at Heller’s house to discover that he still has his abilities. He understands that the cure for the virus passed through him and did not infect him. Mercer questions Heller on why he did what he did for him rather than remove his abilities. Heller responds saying that he would rather have a brother in this world, then be an outcast in the other world. Dana and Heller kiss again. Alex finds Pariah and realizes that Pariah has no family. Alex offers to adopt Pariah. Pariah accepts and embraces Alex. Alex and Pariah join Dana and Heller. Heller admits that he kind of enjoys being practically indestructible. Alex admits that he shouldn’t have abused his power and promises that he will only use his power to protect. The game ends with Dana, Alex, Heller and Pariah looking off the balcony of Heller’s house across the ocean and wondering if Project Blackhope will plan anything else.

New and Better powers and better story {also a bit of the ending of the story} Edit

​​I got these few ideas:

  • This one MUST be added you can make evolved and you can get more and better infections
  • You are good because blackwatch and Project:BLACKHOPE are evil
  • Character customation
  • ALEX MERCER must come back (playable)
  • Weapons:Claws,Blade,hammerfist,wipe {You know},spear (throwable) and more cool weapons
  • Ablilitys:bio-bomb,blacklight (you use this to make envolved),the devistator,pack leader,Rebirth (this one can make a dead infected or envolved come back to life),The INFECTION ability (This will start your own infection outbreak),HUNTING ABLITY
  • A longer story (depands on how you play and who you choose) some of the missions:destroy the whithlight (this is when you need to find the remining barrals of whitelight),destroy the base (This is a very hard one=needs the fully upgraded blade and pack leader=you will have to help JAMES HELLER destroy a BLACKWATCH Base)
  • You can also duel and do so amazing battles

Hope these ideas can help and it would be nice if PROTOTYPE 3 came out somewhere in 2017 for PC

so yea let the BATTLES BEGIN

AND for the Characters i am not so sure but you can play as

  • ALEX MERCER (AFTER you finish the game)


  1. WEAPON UPGRADES (all your weapons if you get them)
  2. ABILITY UPGRADES (all your abilitys if you get them)





THIS is all to help you with ideas for PROTOTYPE 3 and please make it soon and FOR PC



OK so lets go back you will chose who you want to be and there is no good,or bad (YOU ARE GOOD)--the story begun 2 to 4 months after JAMES HELLER consumed ALEX MERCER (so he is not playable at the time) and you were sent to get DANA MERCER but JAMES battled you (THIS is your firstbattle) and you lost to him and after a threat to CONSUME you,YOU decided to work with them (THIS is how JAMES HELLER became your ally). JAMES was told by ALEX MERCER that he wanted to get out and so JAMES agreed to help ALEX

and so he send you to BRING BACK ALEX MERCER TO LIFE so you used your REBIRTH ABILITY and made ALEX MERCER and so he kept his promise to help you (THIS is when ALEX MERCER becomes your ally).BUT in a place unknown there was a ZOMBIE VERSON of him (THIS is your FIRST BOSS FIGHT).HE told you about a copy of him so you told JAMES and both of you go to check it out.AFTER that you were about to be cut in half if JAMES did not counter-attack the zombie so both of you battled him.(THE STORY  WILL HAVE TO BE CONTUNIALED IN THE GAME)

Prototype 3 Edit

What about that Dana is still human. Somehow by unknown reason Alex & James make a alliance against someone much much stronger than  Mercer and Heller put in together ??? That will be EPIC !!! 

~~xX HellHounD Xx~~

The first thing that should happen is that one of the leaders at blackwatch gets infected, creating the boss of this game.  You should play as Heller, and have to aquire all of the mutations again, including new mutations like wings, after consuming one of the flying infected.  Another one would be axes, after consuming an evolved blackwatch soldier.  You should also have three shapeshifting slots, that can be accessed, by holding left on the D-pad.  The three slots should be: James Heller, Military or Civilian, and Alex Mercer, just to confuse most of Blackwatch and Gentek.  You should get to keep Bio-Bomb.  This should be on Prototype 3, IF THEY MAKE IT.Etn82901 (talk) 14:22, February 18, 2015 (UTC)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   /279/pPROTOTYPE 3 NEW PETITION NOW!!!!!!

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