Fall from Grace
Fall from Grace
Out with the new, in with the insane.
Mission Stats
Game Prototype 2
Episode 17
Zone Green Zone
Additional Info
Opposition Blackwatch soldier
Upgrades Claws 4
Tendrils 4
Blade 3
Hammerfists 3
Biobomb 3
Biobomb 4
Pack Leader 3
Pack Leader 4
Previous Alpha Wolf
Next The Descent
Fall from Grace is the fifth mission in the Green Zone area in Prototype 2

Suffer Before the StormEdit

With the knowledge of Mercer's tampering, Heller and Guerra plan to execute a contained release of the Whitelight to see what Mercer's blood culture has done to it. The moment it is released, however, the Whitelight turns three Blackwatch grunts into feral Evolved, and infects and/or kills everyone else in the vicinity. Heller realizes that Mercer's blood has turned the Whitelight into a weapon that will spread the virus at an accelerated rate rather than cure it. The truth is exposed to Blackwatch, whereupon he is informed by Guerra of a large Whitelight depot nearby. Upon his arrival, Heller is ambushed by Mercer, who expresses his severe disappointment, and attempts to kill Heller, before Heller's DNA rejects him and exposes the truth to Mercer: Heller has become like him. Deciding instead to make Heller suffer for his 'betrayal', Mercer departs, though not before executing his contingency plan...

A Loss of FaithEdit

Heller discovers that Mercer intends to manually release the sending a massive, brutish creature to destroy the main storage tanks. Heller successfully defeats the Goliath, and consumes it. Upon evading the military, Heller gets a call from Guerra; the Infected are attacking his hideout. Heller races to Guerra's place, hearing reports that Mercer was spotted leaving the apartment, however, upon arrival, Heller finds the Father dead from fatal wounds, and breaks down in grief. However, soon Guerra's phone rings, and reveals the identity of the mysterious "Athena": Dana Mercer. Dana explains that she has taken refuge in the Red Zone, and has discovered that Heller's daughter, Amaya, whom he thought dead along with his wife, is still alive. Heller leaves, after taking a brief moment to look upon the corpse of his fallen friend...

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