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"The revelation. It freed me. It killed me."
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James Heller about to consume the Biobomber

The Biobomber was one of Alex Mercer's Evolved who had infiltrated Blackwatch, disguised as one of its soldiers until his defeat by James Heller.


The Biobomber was encountered by Heller during his search for Dr. Harry Gutierrez. Heller had arrived at Gutierrez's last known location when the Biobomber (disguised as a Blackwatch soldier) spotted him. In order to create a distraction, he inserted a biobomb into a nearby soldier and amidst the confusion made his escape. However, Heller, using his hunting ability, was able to track him down and a fight ensued.

After a brief battle, the Biobomber fled once more until being cornered on a rooftop by Heller, taunting him the whole time in a typical Evolved fashion. He was then consumed shortly after, granting Heller his biobomb ability.

Node of Intrigue[]

Dr. Gutierrez: "Okay, now, you know to take every possible precaution for this one, right?"
Evolved: "Harry, this message is from Doctor Koenig and Doctor Archer. And you know where it's going. You think I'm going to take a chance on disappointing Alex Mercer?"
Dr. Gutierrez: "Good. Deliver this to Base Adams. Don't waste any time."
—Biobomb Evolved to Dr. Gutierrez[src]