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Lieutenant Colonel Ethan Collins was a Blackwatch officer that served as one of the tank units leaders. At some point he was infected by Alex Mercer and became an Evolved, spying on Blackwatch for Mercer.


After Colonel Rooks declared Dana Mercer, the sister of Alex and an ally of James Heller, to be Blackwatch's primary target, Collins contacted Heller. The Lieutenant Colonel asked for Dana's location, saying he would provide Heller half of the five-million dollar bounty on Dana's head in exchange for the information.

Heller, however, merely hung up on Collins and attacked his patrol. He learned Collins was an Evolved upon his attempted consumption of the man. Collins led Heller on a chase throughout the Red Zone, taunting him all the way and eventually hijacking a helicopter before proceeding to attack Heller with it. Heller, however, brought the helicopter down and then fought Collins, eventually consumed him.