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Errand Boy
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Cross about to fight.
Mission Stats
Game Prototype
Episode 4.04
Additional Info
Opposition Captain Cross
Previous The Altered World
Next Confessions

Errand Boy is a mission in Prototype. The incidents occur on Day 7 of the Infection.

Find the Key[]

Karen Parker believes that the key to finding the cure are the viral strands produced inside the infected hives. She wants Alex to collect a few samples from one of the nearest hives. Karen pauses, then tells Alex that she was sorry it had to play out like this. Alex suggests her to concentrate on finding a cure.

The Specialist[]

Disregarding her apology, Mercer proceeds towards the hive Karen had pointed out. He finds an opening in the roof and drops into the building. He continues his search for the genetic material Karen had asked for, but is intruded by Captain Cross. As Cross rappels down, he suggest that Mercer was supposed to choose his friends carefully. Alex realizes that he had been double-crossed by Karen, she had betrayed him to Blackwatch.

Cross brings out his electric stun baton and advances towards Mercer. Firing grenades when Alex moved away from him and using the baton to subdue him as he approached near. Mercer focuses on escaping the hive, but the hibernating infected are released from their pods and Cross leaves Mercer to deal with them. As the infected are fell, Cross joined the fight with his team of soldiers. Without any hesitation Mercer continues his kill spree, keeping himself alive by the death of his victims.

Along with his soldiers death, Cross too takes damage by Mercer's attacks. Weakened, Cross tries to rappel out of the hive. Alex tags along with him and as they reach the rooftop, Cross crawls along, confident about capturing Mercer. As he mentions Penn station, a series of frightening memories come flooding back to Mercer, weakening him. Talking to the weakened Mercer, Cross retreats behind and injects Mercer with a cancer while he's still weakened. Mercer collapses due to this and Cross turns around to call for containment.

The Escape[]

With Cross distracted, Alex slips past him to the street below only to be cornered by more Blackwatch soldiers. Alex tries to transform his body, but somehow is unable to do so. Unable to take anymore fire from the troops, Alex hurries off from the hive.


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