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Cptn Eric Lim was a Blackwatch soldier stationed at Manhattan Island during the viral outbreak. He informed General Randall about Dr. Raymond McMullen dispatching the infected bodies to Dr. Bradley Ragland.

Node of Intrigue[]

E. Lim: "Sir, Director McMullen surrendered the Penn Station bodies to a civilian."
General Randall: "Ragland?"
E. Lim: "Yes, sir."
General Randall: "You did the right thing, son. Your new orders are this: recover all samples, bodies and evidence from Dr. Ragland. Bring them to Base AE-One."
E. Lim: "Ragland?"
General Randall: "If he doesn't interfere, leave him be. He's already implicated. He won't talk."
E. Lim: "And McMullen, sir."
General Randall: "It's time for the Doctor to learn who's in charge of this little excursion."

—Eric Lim reporting to General Randall[src]

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  • In game, he is shown as the gunner of an APC, whereas in the video, he's a Blackwatch soldier.
  • In 1stLt Steven Yarish Node of Intrigue video, he's shown as a Blackwatch commander.