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Emery McDonald
Sgt. McDonald on patrol in the Green Zone in NYZ.
In-Game Information
Affiliations Blackwatch
Profession Grizzly Weapons Manufacturing Supervisor
Misc. Information
Gender Male
Current status Deceased (Consumed)
Weapons Machine Gun
Real World Information
Appears in Prototype 2

Sgt. Emery McDonald was a member in Blackwatch in charge of Grizzly weapons manufacturing during the NYZ operation.

He became a target for James Heller during Operation: Keyhole, where he was consumed for information regarding the upgrades of nearby tanks.

Blacknet Memory[]

Sgt. McDonald: "Nobody's getting in here."
Blackwatch Soldier: "Brah, have you been hearing all the rumors? This Heller guy, dude, they say he can get into anywhere. Like, he can turn invisible and shit."
Sgt. McDonald: "Do you realize how fucking stupid that sounds?"
Blackwatch Soldier: "Well, then how's he do it, brah? How's he get inside these places? He just shows up!"
Sgt. McDonald: "If you don't quit calling me "brah," I'm gonna bust you right in your fucking face."

—Sgt. McDonald to one of his subordinates[src]


  • The trooper that Sgt. McDonald is speaking to shows up later in the mission, expressing his concern about the four tanks Base India Two One is getting to Red Crown, claiming that Heller will destroy the tanks, Red Crown notes his complaint and tells him to continue as planned.
  • Heller shares Sgt. McDonald's urge to punch the surfer-talk Blackwatch soldier in the face.