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"Shit. Who names their kid fucking Elwood? Some fucking parents..."
―James Heller

Elwood Pine reveals himself to Heller.

Elwood Pine was one of Alex Mercer's Evolved. During Operation: Clockwork, James Heller found him just standing in the midst of a struggle between Blackwatch troops and the Infected. When approached, Elwood revealed himself to Heller and a fight ensued. Ultimately, Heller won and consumed Elwood.

Blacknet Memory[]

Elwood Pine: "It's gonna be beautiful, sir. Like grenades, except instead of shrapnel, it'll be Brawlers. Blackwatch won't know what hit 'em."
Alex Mercer: "Strategically placed release ... I like it."
―Elwood Pine, to Alex Mercer, plotting the next move against Blackwatch[src]