Crt Mass
"Go beyond the constraints of maximum health, and enter critical mass mode."

Critical Mass is the excess amount of retained health, which can be used to create devastating area attacks. Damage dealt by enemies will first deplete the excess health before usual health of Alex Mercer.[1]

Critical mass abilityEdit


A core upgrade to the health meter, this ability helps in resisting attack damage and perform devastator attacks. it can be upgraded to increase the amount of biomass stored.[1]

  • Critical Mass Boost 1: Increases the critical mass capacity, allowing for a maximum of two devastator attacks.
  • Critical Mass Boost Max: Critical mass capacity is increased to its full extent allowing up to three devastator attacks.[1]

Adrenaline surgeEdit


Adrenaline surge is a defense mechanism and the ultimate survivability safety net. When health is almost depleted, Mercer gains a moment of invulnerability and access to a single devastator attack.[1]

Evolution chartEdit

Critical Mass Ability Past and Present 15,000
Adrenaline Surge Past and Present 20,000
Critical Mass Boost 1

(Requirement: Critical Mass)

A New Order 80,000
Critical Mass Boost Max Biological Imperative 400,000




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