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Mercer makes confessions.
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Game Prototype
Episode 5.01
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Confessions is a mission in Prototype.

The Sickness Within[edit | edit source]

After being injected with the cancer, Alex returns to Dana's safe house to know if she had found any new lead on Dr. Raymond McMullen. However, she informs that Blackwatch had been following a pathologist called Bradley Ragland, in the city.

When Alex prepares to leave, Dana informs that she had found some information about the town of Hope, Idaho. She informs that it was an army town, where the anti-government gun nuts had tried to kill the local authority. And in return, the authority had killed these rebels. Only one person was said to have survived this incident: Elizabeth Greene.

The Truth About Hope[edit | edit source]

Alex reveals the truth that the town was part of an experiment. Dana, however, doesn't believe this and questions him about it. Alex proceeds to say that the people he had killed were in him and he knew what they had done. But when Dana interrupts him, he implies that these murders were supposed to be done. Disgusted by this attitude of her brother, Dana insists that he should find Ragland. Seeing that she doesn't want to continue this conversation, Alex leaves the apartment without turning back.

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