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Commander Cantrell was a Blackwatch commander and one of the key people involved in Operation Firehawk. James Heller leveled his base to force him out of hiding. Cantrell tried to escape in a helicopter, but was brought down by a flock of Flyers. Thw wreckage was soon set upon by Brawlers and Juggernauts, but Heller fended them off to keep Cantrell in one piece. An Evolved suddenly appeared to try and capture Cantrell for Alex Mercer, but he defeated and consumed her. A rescue helicopter arrived to pick up Cantrell, but Heller used his newly acquired Whipfist to bring it down. Cantrell finally tried to make a run for it, but Heller used his Whipfist again to grab the commander and consume him.

Node of Intrigue[]

Colonel: "Did you get the wind pattern charts?"
Cantrell: "Yes, sir, received them this morning along with the latest MRE shipment."
Colonel: "And?"
Cantrell: "Once the mainland is saturated, most of the overage should drift out to sea."
Colonel: "Casualties?"
Cantrell: "Infected removal should be total, sir. About 1.5 million non-Infected."
Colonel: "Hmm. That's acceptable. Proceed."

—Cantrell to a Blackwatch Colonel[src]