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Bloodtox image.JPG
Bloodtox Vat
Type Substance A-113A[1]
Effects Health Loss
Source Bloodtox Emitters

Bloodtox is a red chemical that can be sprayed into the air in vapor form to detect, and injure those infected with the Virus. It is used to purge the Infected, along with Elizabeth Greene, from their subterranean "base".

While the chemical causes necrosis to form in infected flesh, humans are able to breathe in the gas and even eat it in a condensed form with no ill effects. Bloodtox is typically released through stationary dispensers, and can inflict continuous damage on Alex Mercer and other Infected beings if they linger too long in the area. It is called Bloodtox due to its thick consistency in liquid form, and rich red color. After his first encounter with Bloodtox, Alex becomes more resistant to its effects, taking less damage from it as his story progresses.


  • When in the Bloodtox cloud, it is the perfect time to use Thermal Vision.
  • Strangely, Alex takes no damage from Bloodtox while his Shield power is active. This is likely an oversight by the developers.
  • The substance is titled A-113A. A113 being an easter egg used in films and games. A113 appears most of Pixar's animation films such as Toy Story and Cars.
  • It is stated several times that Bloodtox is to be distributed via aircraft, similarly to Agent Orange. This never materializes in-game and Bloodtox is only ever released from pumps.