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Jack Has1000 Jack Has1000 20 July 2019

Is this Groundshatter ??

Hi. Time to time I watch Alex Mercer tribute/Prototype GMV videos. Lastly a certain thing paid my attention in these clips. In some videos there is a scene when Alex performs a powerful attack. In this video

the attack is being performed at 1:31 - Alex is hitting the ground so hard he is creating a powerful shockwave what is making couple cars fly high. And these cars are quite far from him. The attack looks like Groundshatter but it has much wider area effect and is much stronger than Groundshatter I know. This makes me wonder if this is some ability I was not aware of or that cut was purposely created for showcase. What do you think about it ?? Best regards.

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Star jam167 Star jam167 17 August 2016

This game is awesome

Love it!

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EmberSynth EmberSynth 25 May 2015


Due to the updated themes, I would suggest finding someone who knows their way around CSS to fix the wiki. It looks really stupid for me, because I'm pretty sure it's outdated. The wiki is dead anyway. I would probably think about adopting the wiki.

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Senior-Fluffy Senior-Fluffy 24 January 2015

Alex is alive?

Hey everyone, I am a HUGE fan of Prototype, and I have a theory about Alex's death. Alex stated that whoever consumes him, is him. So that might mean at the end of Prototype 2 when James consumed Alex Mercer, Alex's DNA got inside of Heller's body, and Alex is either James Heller, or another personality of James.. Its just a theory, and I know Radical Entertainment has been sadly shut down, so it is less likely that a Prototype 3 will be introduced. Hopefully another company will continue the Prototype series, but the feeling in the game will probably not be the same.

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ScienceGuy44 ScienceGuy44 12 September 2014

What sort of Human enemies would you have liked to seen in the Prototype series?

In my opinion, the human enemies were the least centred on of all the enemies throughout the Prototype games. So, I'm going to draw up a little list of enemies that I think would and should have appeared in the games had their been a little more time/interest in the idea of having various Human factions throughout the game.

During both outbreaks, those lucky few people who survived the first few days or even hours decided that, in order to continue to survive, they would take what little others had via force and use it to sustain themselves. These rag tag survivalists will go through anything and anyone to survive.

  • Looter: These enemies run up to their adversaries, whether infected, Police, or military, and even Alex Mercer and James Heller, …

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AlexJMercer AlexJMercer 1 June 2014


Anonomyous users need to stop changing the pages on the wikia its useless to do so on  a wikia around me. Registered users stop adding useless pages that has utterly nothing to do with the game's information this wikia serves as a information and nothing more or less so keep your thoughts in the blogs. Alex J. Mercer (talk) 00:08, June 1, 2014 (UTC)AlexJMercer

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SkyrimsLord13 SkyrimsLord13 31 May 2013

Field Op

A Field Op is an event, that is considered a collectible, in Prototype 2. It is generally a group of Scientists studying caged Infected, guarded by two or three Blackwatch soldiers.

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TheCreepyOne TheCreepyOne 3 September 2012

Prototype RP: Anyone interested in joining?

Hello Prototypers!

I am a proud member of by the name of CrimsonShadow345 who admins an RP fourm known as "Prototype: Evolution" I was interested if any of you would be interested in Joining?

P.S I know I have a weird Wikiname. But I made this acocunt for a Creepypasta Wiki

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Kate.moon Kate.moon 30 July 2012

Related video module coming soon


Over the past couple of months we have been developing and testing a related videos module on some wikis like Harry Potter, Hunger Games and Halo. During these tests we have been tracking the number of video plays as well as collecting community feedback. We are now ready to expand the rollout to the rest of the site, and we are starting with wikis that there are the most videos for - which includes your wiki!

The videos we have are fully licensed from video partners we have developed relationships with. They include videos such as trailers, famous movie/TV clips, walkthroughs and behind the scenes interviews. We currently have video content from Screenplay and are working to create partnerships with other vendors, including Hulu, soon. …

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Tilarta Tilarta 25 July 2012

Will the real Alex Mercer please stand up?

I just got to the part where Heller kills the mindgame playing Doctor Koenig who was infected with the Blackwatch Virus.

Shortly after this, there's a scene where Alex Mercer shows up and talks about his "insider network" and when asked if he intends to destroy the Blacklight virus, he dodges the question.

Alarm bells starting ringing at this point.

Earlier in the game, he seems pretty much like he did in Prototype, the noble hero with attitude.

But in this scene, he doesn't act like Alex Mercer at all.

He's the kindof guy who doesn't bother with subletly, if he wants to destroy something, he brings the building down around you after slaughtering his way through an army of science miscreations.

And the "smarmy slick attitude" isn't like him at a…

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Tilarta Tilarta 24 July 2012

Prototype Quotes:

Heller (while consuming a Blackwatch Commander): Spare some DNA? Thanks.

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Vatsa1708 Vatsa1708 29 June 2012

Radical Entertainment closed

Hey Prototypers.

After 21 years and 48 games, Radical Entertainment has ceased development of its own games. On 28 June, 2012 the studio had a significant reduction in their staff due to the low commercial success of Prototype 2. The remaining few employees will work on supporting other existing Activision projects.

The PC version of Prototype 2 will release as scheduled on 24 July, 2012. However, there won't be any new games or the continuation of the Prototype Series..

I waited until a confirmation about this situation was provided by Radical themselves, hence the delay..

  • Radical's announcement
  • Twitter
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Vatsa1708 Vatsa1708 8 June 2012

Prototype fanon

Hey Prototypers.

Recently I was approached by a user who wanted to know if we had any fanon related wiki. This question has been asked by only a few users, hence I have to know for certain that this wiki's community would like to have Prototype related fanon/fanfic on this wiki on a different namespace. With a different namespace fanon/fanfics will not interfere with the official game content. Voice your opinions in the comments below and do not forget to vote.

The PC version of Prototype 2 will be released on July 24, 2012 with all the Radnet events unlocked on the same day (If you have a copy of the Radnet Edition or lucky enough to get the first edition)..

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MarkvA MarkvA 25 May 2012

Prototype: Mercer versus Heller

I think everybody agrees with me when I say that Prototype 2 is an improvement over the original Prototype. The graphics are most certainly better, and several annoying bugs have been crushed. However, some people still argue that the original game is superior to Prototype 2 for various reasons.

We intend to find out what game the community thinks is better! We'll list several aspects of both games below, and you can vote on which game you like most! After you've voted, don't forget to leave your opinion in the comments!

Prototype follows the story of Alexander J. Mercer (voiced by Barry Pepper) who wakes up on a morgue slab in the basement of Gentek, a large and influential genetic engineering company. Alex escapes and sets out to recover h…

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Adam Robertson Adam Robertson 11 May 2012

Alex Mercer's death

Don't you think that Mercer's death by Heller's Claws was a bit too weak? Shouldn't he have been killed by the blade or hammerfists? State your opinion below!

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Redexx Redexx 3 May 2012

Prototype 2 for USA download?

Hey, I'm new at the prototype wiki(although I'm not new at wikia) and I have a simple question. Does anybody know if prototype 2 is going to be released on the playstation store in the US? I know it is in Europe, but I don't live there. I'm really hoping for this, let me know if anyone finds out anything!


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Vatsa1708 Vatsa1708 2 May 2012

PC and Armor

Hello Prototypers,

With Prototype 2 out on Xbox 360 and PlayStation, most critics are happy with all the improvements but as usual found something lacking. Some have even compared it to Call of Duty while others complained about the graphics. Most fans are satisfied with the story, while others complain about the game lacking depth. But, these are all common complains you hear when a new game is released. It is just not enough for most and its their choice.

Radnet events are being unlocked each week, for the next seven weeks, you cannot unlock new content a week before. One of the main rewards, apart from the avatar codes or dev dairies is Alex Mercer's skin. This was created for fans who wanted to play as Alex Mercer.

Now, on to the news;

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Nardei99 Nardei99 30 April 2012

Prototype 3

I have made up my own P3 story to share with you guys. ( It is kind of short but I will post a full blog once I am done making my version of a game)

You play as a Gentek scientist who was a test subject for Blackwatcch/Gentek virus: Blacklight 2 and you are trying to seek revenge on those who have created you, the new [Prototype]. ( Kind of like Prototype's plot) and you seek to ally yourself with Sgt. James Heller who is having problems controlling his powers which seem to be controlling him. But Blackwatch has activated Operation: Black Widow to use their "Secret Weapon" against you and James Heller. But the secret weapon escapes and forms a new Main Enemy: Behemoth the evolved form on Goliath.

I will release the full blog in a couple we…

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MarkvA MarkvA 24 April 2012

Prototype 2 Review Roundup

Prototype 2 is finally here! After months of waiting, we can finally experience the game in full glory! But how good is the game, according to the critics? Check out our review round-up below for the answer to that question, and be sure to leave your opinion in the comments!

Overall, the critics were positive about the game. The game scored a Metacritic score of 78 (Generally favorable reviews ) and a GameRankings score of 81.23%.

  • 1 Loved It
  • 2 Thought it was Okay
  • 3 Hated It
  • 4 Wikian Reviews

Game Chronicles
Score: 9.7/10
With a brand new character, engaging story, enhanced powers, and integrated gameplay features like Hunting and Mutations, Prototype 2 is a visionary nightmare that's a dream to play.

Planet Xbox 360
Score: 9/10
With a new lead and a story …

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Madnessreaver Madnessreaver 22 April 2012

Horsemen of The Apocalypse

Hello Prototypers,

It has come for me that Prototype have a Horsemen of The Apocalypse figures, as I see it:

  • Alex Mercer is Death
  • James Heller is War
  • Elizabeth Greene is Pestilence
  • As for Famine I am still working on it

But I want to know what do you think about this, The Horsemen of The Apocalypse of Prototype universe and who do you think deserve to be called Famine in Prototype Universe.

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Soldierscuzzy Soldierscuzzy 16 April 2012

Prototype 2 Starters Guide

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Vatsa1708 Vatsa1708 10 April 2012

Prototype 2 - Live stream

Hey Prototypers,

With only a few weeks for the release of Prototype 2, Radical has teamed up with IGN for a 45 minutes of walkthrough. IGN will be live streaming the game on Friday, April 13 from 11:00AM-Noon Pacific and debuting a new 90-second trailer that was banned from a few TV networks for being too provocative and disturbing.

The Live stream can be watched on here. You can check the time with the Date and Time option of your PC, change the Time Zone to UTC -8 (minus 8) Pacific Time and you can see the comparison.

  • 1 Gameplay
  • 2 No armor for Heller
  • 3 Heller's angles
  • 4 Labyrinth

For those of you who missed the live stream, IGN has uploaded he video on their channel. You can watch the gameplay here. And from this, it seems the game's original tagline …

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Artic Liger Artic Liger 17 March 2012

Prototype hype

Words cant explain how excited i am, im getting this on the first day of release, and then imma play it all day/night long :D

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Vatsa1708 Vatsa1708 8 March 2012

Prototype 2 Achievements

Hello Prototypers..
Its been almost a month since Radical have revealed anything. However, a list of Prototype 2 achievements were released without the PS3 trophies list. There are a few interesting achievements with less spoilers.

A somewhat good news for those who have pre-ordered P2. With every pre-order, players gain access to Radnet, an online leaderboard of sorts where you can compete for the best score by complete a set of 55 challenges that are unlocked weekly. Player who manage to complete all 55 challenges will unlock Alex Mercer's skin.
Mercer with Heller's voice? Not sure this is what Mercer fanboys/girls want..

Two parts of The Anchor has been completed, detailing Mercer's failed search for humanity. The next comic in the series is T…

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Vatsa1708 Vatsa1708 15 February 2012

Collector edition and comics..

Hello Prototypers..
Before you continue to read this news update, I would like to inform that there have been rumors of the game being leaked. Radical Entertainment has confirmed that this is not true. So if you find any files related to the game or consisting of the title Prototype 2 PC/Xbox/PS3 free download, it's a fake. So, don't go around Radical's Facebook or twitter asking for passwords or product keys after you download those files from filesharing sites or torrents..

  • 1 Another edition
  • 2 Daddy's home they say
  • 3 Comics
  • 4 Gameplay
  • 5 Miscellaneous

Well, today Radical announced a new edition for Prototype 2, the Blackwatch Collector's Edition. The collector's edition consists of a hardbound art-book, complete with all the official artwork of the chara…

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Bolandjj98 Bolandjj98 5 February 2012

editing Alex Mercer's photo

why can't i edit his full body photo i have got a photo of him in prototype 2 but it's only for registered users and i don't know how to register myself into it anyway this was the photo i was going to put on.

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Savage Grenadier Elite Savage Grenadier Elite 5 February 2012

Heller and Mercer working together

I know that we are all aware of the release of [PROTOTYPE] 2.I know were all also aware of what Heller and Mercer can do.They are both infected by the virus created by GENTEK they both lost everything because of them.So why don't they work together?I'd love to see those two work together and rebel against GENTEK.But unfortunetly Heller believes the death of his family is because of Mercer.So now he's PISSED off and wants to kill Alex Mercer.Well people that's all for now.[PROTOTYPE] 2 is going to be sweet :)

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Vatsa1708 Vatsa1708 31 January 2012

PC version delayed and Radnet revealed.

No its not another Ubisoon situation where the developer hides behind a press release instead of stating a reason. Radical Entertainment has promptly announced on their Facebook page that the PC version will be delayed until July 24. They have also, informed that the details will be released soon. No spoiler free gameplay, fellow PC gamers..

In other news, Radical has announced Radnet, an online hub for challenges and events that unlock content for Heller in the single player mode. This content is available for those who have pre-ordered before April 24th for Xbox and PS3..

You can read more about the contents available here..

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Your favourite abillity...or however you spell that

Hello, AssassinHood here. I'm about to get Prototype, and wondered, what's your favourite abillity?

Mine will probably be the Blade/Armor. See ya,AssassinHood--The Swedish Assassin Mentor 12:50, January 30, 2012 (UTC)

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Vatsa1708 Vatsa1708 27 January 2012

Prototype 2 News updates

As we get close to the release of Prototype 2, Radical has decided to reveal a bit about the characters we encounter in the game. What's more, they have also announced a new none PC Pre-order exclusive, although one of them is unconfirmed.

Best Buy has announced a Pre-order, the Hardened Steel. This mode is an exclusive unlockable for Xbox and PS3 either until June 12, 2012 or till stocks last.

The second edition is the supposed Limited Edition, consisting of a Behind the scenes DVD, an exclusive animation of the Flesh Cleaver which was a Musclemass consume animation in Prototype and an Xbox avatar. When questioned about this edition, Radical Entertainment twitted;
we don't have any info on limited editions at this time, stay tuned!
So!! They neither …

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Vatsa1708 Vatsa1708 17 January 2012

Prototype 2 Comic series

Radical Entertainment and Dark Horse Comics have teamed up to create a new series of Prototype comics. A new digital comic related to Prototype 2 will be release on February 15. This series have been split into three parts and bridge the story between Prototype and Prototype 2.

The first entry, "The Anchor," illustrated by Paco Diaz, continues the story of Alex Mercer, the protagonist from the first game, while the second story, "The Survivors," illustrated by Chris Staggs, follows a small group of residents of New York trying to escape the city after it has been transformed into NYZ with the outbreak of the Blacklight virus. The third and final story, illustrated by Victor Drujiniu, is "The Labyrinth" and provides a deeper look into the backsto…

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Vatsa1708 Vatsa1708 6 January 2012

Butt Kicks and Concepts

As much as most of us hate pre-order exclusives, Prototype 2 is getting one with the release. GameStop has managed to bag an exclusive content for the pre-orders of Prototype 2. The Bio Bomb Butt Kicker as they call it, is an exclusive animation of a Biobombed soldier or civilian getting kicked after being infected. This weaponized character flies all the way until he/she hits a target(s) and explodes with the tendril mayhem.

The catch for this exclusive content is, yes there is always a catch. You have to order the game between January 1, 2012 and April 23, 2012. So those of you who have booked your copies, enjoy these wallpapers of the Creator and his Creation..

Prototype 2 is scheduled to release on April 24, 2012 for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. And…

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Legato Bluesummers Legato Bluesummers 24 December 2011

Merry Chrismas everyone!

And happy holidays!

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Legato Bluesummers Legato Bluesummers 20 December 2011

I heard prototype 2 came out sooner than expected.

Is it true?! My brother said he saw in at gamestop and i didn't belieave him at first, but i started to think and thought maybe. But i thought is wasn't ment to come out intill apirl?! Is it true or what?

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Vatsa1708 Vatsa1708 16 December 2011

Hunt, Kill, Become.

Hunt, Kill, Become. If anyone remembers the initial Prototype trailers, Mercer had a similar tagline. Well as promised, the developers of Radical decided to explain a bit more about James Heller's new hunting ability.

Along with the hunting ability, Heller has a new way to upgrade unlike Mercer did. You have a certain amount of control over what you want to upgrade. The side missions from the first game has been changed to BlackNet missions. Basically you might work with or against Blackwatch. But the devs assure that they are not as static as they were in Prototype.

The upgrade menu might remind you of a certain game as it did to me. But Heller looks like a gentleman..

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Legato Bluesummers Legato Bluesummers 27 November 2011

Whats up

Ok, I'm sure you all know about Prototype 2 coming out right? Well from what i seen on youtube is that people hate it because they have a black guy as the new black light virus. Do you hate it to and if so do you hate it because that guy is black or another reason. You can like it as well. Peace.

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Vatsa1708 Vatsa1708 21 November 2011

Prototype 2-Different Zones

Hello Prototypers,

After a few weeks of silence, Radical has released another a "Developer diary" explaining the zone divisions. As most you might know, New York or as it's known now, New York Zero is split into three distinctive zones. The devs explain the reason behind this, although there is no gameplay displayed (not that we need any).

In other news, Radical has teamed up with TwitchGames. They've launched an iOS platform based application called ProtoSlice. As fun as this might be, make sure not to get sliced. Also, Radical have been around for 20 years as of 19/11/2011. And the army on Facebook has reached 350k.

Well enough of my ramble, watch the new video and post your thoughts..

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Mr.Mercer Mr.Mercer 18 November 2011

Prototype 2 offline co op needed

  • offline co op for prototype 2 is wanted you promised it in prototype 1 wth?
  • you do activities player 1 as heller player 2 and wreak havoc
  • do it ill pre- orderd 2 copies
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Savage Grenadier Elite Savage Grenadier Elite 17 November 2011

Wardrobe troubles

I'm sure we are all aware of the beta for Prototype where Alex Mercer wore a white hoodie and a bubble jacket.Also his powers were somewhat different a good example is the fact that he would have had duel blades and if I remember he had his ability to turn his hands into three-jointed hands I'm not 100% what they are I think there the original claws.Any do you think that the publishers should have stuck to the original design or not?

I think they could've at least kept the gray hoodie and bubble jacket.

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Savage Grenadier Elite Savage Grenadier Elite 12 November 2011

What's your favorite power?

This is my first blog so I thought "why not ask people what there favorite power is" so that's what I'm doing.In my opinion I think the Blade is the best and strongest.So what's your favorite power the power you choose can be from Prototype 2.There's my favorite power.

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Vatsa1708 Vatsa1708 14 October 2011

NYZ - Red Zone trailer

As promised, i'm back with a few minor updates concerning Sgt. James Heller and the Blacklight virus. Radical has released another CGI trailer, displaying Heller's trip into the Red Zone. Our beloved hunters from Prototype have gone through some changes as you may notice.

The new trailer gives us a basic view of the New York Zero's Red Zone, and Heller's new ability Biobomb. Make sure to watch the trailer completely as it has a little surprise towards the end.

As most of you may know, Radical has crashed into the New York comic-con. Unlike the PAX or E3, you get to play Prototype 2. So if you are near by, you can enjoy two missions. There are also a few contests and giveaways, so enjoy yourself and watch out for Blackwatch..

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Vatsa1708 Vatsa1708 8 October 2011

Art of Combat

Hey Prototypers, back with some new information regarding the new protagonist Sgt. James Heller and his mutations.

New game footage of Prototype 2 from Alpha gameplay has been released by Radical Entertainment. James Heller displays some of his new moves in these videos.

First stop Heller decides to consume one of the Web of Intrigue (WoI) targets now know as Blacknet targets as consuming each will provide a mutation which you can use to upgrade Heller's abilities. Radical has integrated the WoI into the story to give it more depth and to make sure players know the complete story. More info of these can be found here.

Heller has indeed developed quiet a few moves of himself compared to Mercer. Arm to arm combat has been enhanced along with a fe…

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Vatsa1708 Vatsa1708 18 August 2011

Prototype 2:GamesCom Trailer

The contents of this blog contain spoilers from Prototype. Do not watch this trailer if you don’t want it spoiled for you. If you already played it though (or don’t mind spoilers), do watch, as this video sets up the plot of the new game perfectly.

Many have questioned if Alex Mercer and CodeName:Zeus are the same person? What is the Blacklight virus and when was it discovered. And what is the role of Blackwatch in all of this? A new trailer answers all of these questions.

Sgt. James Heller is on a hunt through the wastelands of post-viral outbreak New York Zero (or more simply...NYZ) with unparalleled locomotion, building up a vast genetic arsenal of deadly, biological weapons and abilities as he hunts, kills and consumes his way toward the …

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Doshiare Doshiare 16 August 2011

//Blacnet Update

I just unlocked two new sections in //Blacknet. The first section was unlocked with the password "#2XBJC3387!YES" taken from "Working from home" and the second section I unlocked was with the password "#55MERCERFF" taken from "Hey Honey". All files unlocked are screenshots of actors in animation capturing suits doing various activites. Download the images to get an explanation on what they are dong.

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Sergent James Heller Sergent James Heller 10 August 2011

Me and Prototype

I remember buying prototype for the first time it was a great game in looks and all but I wanted to know how much of a good game it really is I really enjoyed playing as Alex Mercer and I enjoyed being able to disguise myself but I was upset at how dull the scenery in prototype seemed to be and also the dodge ability wasnt that helpful and in my opinion the blade+armor=Death for my foes Sergent James Heller 06:20, August 10, 2011 (UTC)

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Vatsa1708 Vatsa1708 4 July 2011

Chat feature available

A new chat feature is available for all wikis through Wikia Labs and has been activated in our wiki aswell.

If you have a Wikia account, you can access it on this wiki by clicking the "Join the Chat" link in the right sidebar of any article page. Or you can join from here.

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Vatsa1708 Vatsa1708 18 June 2011

Facebook App

Radical Entertainment has launched a Facebook application called //Blacknet. It is a community based app and requires every facebook prototyper to participate in order to unlock it's contents. Most of the contents are related to the story of the second game, Prototype 2 along with a few wallpapers and screenshots of the game with. There are also audio and video diaries of Blacknet, the communication network used by Blackwatch.
So, let's get hacking...

Note: In case you are unable to access //Blacknet on facebook, you can follow this article.

Facebook page: Prototype
Facebook Application: //Blacknet
Source: Announcement

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Vatsa1708 Vatsa1708 28 May 2011

Prototype swag pack

Dan Amrich of the has organized a massive give away. The package includes some rare [PROTOTYPE] related goodies. If you have love for your game and wish to win these gifts, just answer three simple questions and you might win. This prize is shipped worldwide, and the winner will be picked on June 6, 2011.

Also, help [PROTOTYPE2] win the Most Anticipated E3 award by CVG. Click on this link and vote for [PROTOTYPE2].

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Source: Win a massive Prototype swag pack.

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Vatsa1708 Vatsa1708 21 April 2011

Prototype 2 News

This blog is dedicated to the news related to [PROTOTYPE 2]. As new information is revealed, this blog will be updated...

April 16, 2011
A new trailer is on charts for [PROTOTYPE2] sometime next week. Prototype 2 is a direct sequel to Prototype and this will be the 3rd trailer (excluding the teaser at ""). If you want Radical to release this, you have to do your part by logging in to Facebook and clicking that tiny "like" button, in order to achieve the 250k mark.
So who's up for it?

Link: Sign in/Sign up
Source: Radical's post on Facebook

April 18, 2011
250,000 Prototypers in the army. Radical Entertainment says THANKYOU to our awesome fans and friends. New video releasing this week with new gameplay sneak peak!

April 21, 2011

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Vatsa1708 Vatsa1708 16 April 2011

Mystery package at publish a series of images, showing the content of a package sent to them.

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