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Blackwatch officer
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A Blackwatch officer is an integral part of the chain of command of the Blackwatch organization.


These Blackwatch officers have authority over other lower ranking Blackwatch soldiers and are typically in command of military outposts or forces in the field. They are equipped with white jumpsuits with tactical vests and combat webbing, image enhancement goggles and gasmasks coupled with helmets and most often an M4. Some of them provide further upgrades to artillery strikes when consumed, typically the ones not associated with the storyline missions.

The concept art of a Blackwatch Commander in Prototype 2.

With the visual updates in Prototype 2, the Blackwatch commanders now wear form-fitting black and yellow uniforms, with somewhat simpler gas masks no longer having tri-lens goggles. Some of them are seen with a mask variant where only the nose and mouth are covered, revealing their menacing faces. Many of them are seen commanding military bases or patrolling streets with squads of Blackwatch infantrymen.


Considerably more rare than a typical soldier, the commanders are usually Web of Intrigue or military event targets. Aside from their command over teams of soldiers being a minor defense,  they are as weak as any other human in comparison to Alex - a single punch is more than enough to kill them.

Generally, they will use their firearms, but however, if an enemy gets too close, they'll attempt to hit them with their rifle.


  • The Blackwatch officers' goggles resemble the goggles of Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell.
  • On an interesting note, despite being of a higher ranking than the Marines, a Blackwatch Commander will address and salute a Marine Commander if one bumps into him.
  • In Prototype 2, due to the lack of the Marine officers' presence, it can be assumed that Blackwatch alone has the grip on the entire chain of command within New York Zero.