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A terminal guarded by Blackwatch soldiers.

Blacknet Terminals are mobile communication vehicles, equipped for communication between Blackwatch and its operatives on field. These terminals are connected to Blacknet, the secure communication network used by Blackwatch and Gentek.


Blacknet terminals are available throughout NYZ, but the surrounding areas are guarded by Blackwatch soldiers. These terminals were locked by security codes, known only to a few soldiers. In order to access information from these terminals, James Heller has to consume the soldier who had the access codes.

Upon accessing, Heller can view Blackwatch and Gentek related operations throughout the city. He may also use specific operations to gain mutations which may help him upgrade his powers.


Terminal number Operation Zone Coordinates Location
01 Operation: Orion's Belt Yellow [237, 1172] West of Father Guerra's church.
02 Operation: Black Tulip Yellow [187, 1342] Near the western Airbridge.
03 Operation: Clean Sweep Yellow [311, 1293] Outside of the central research area.
04 Operation: Manticore Yellow [258, 953] Near the northern Airbridge.
05 Operation: Keyhole Green [874, 1409] In the area around Base Adams.
06 Operation: Jack-of-All-Trades Green [900, 1263] Near the northeastern Airbridge.
07 Operation: Red Glacier Green [760, 1335] South of the upper portion of the park.
08 Operation: Vivid Future Green [728, 1477] East of the parking lot next to one of the factories.
09 Operation: Spotted Cat Red [482, 442] Near the triangular research building.
10 Operation: Long Horizon Red [402, 308] Near the western Airbridge.
11 Operation: Stun Circuit Red [649, 658] On the highway leading to one of the demolished bridges.
12 Operation: Clockwork Red [761, 226] In the area around Gentek headquarters.