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"Look's like someone got here before us, doc!!"
―Alex Mercer to Bradley Ragland upon seeing the ruined base.[src]

The exterior of the base.

Base AE-One was an abandoned Military base located at Harlem, Manhattan.[1]


This base was initially started by Blackwatch during the implementation of martial law in the city. After the viral outbreak at Penn station, the infected corpses were moved to the base for storage. However, the base was overrun by infected creatures led by Elizabeth Greene.[2]

Ragland inside the base's lab.

The Cure[]

Alex Mercer escorted Dr. Bradley Ragland to this base to examine the bodies hoping to create an antibiotic for the parasite infecting him. A few days later, Mercer trapped a leader hunter for Ragland to examine in this base.[1]


  • According to the Web of Intrigue, General Randall orders Cptn. Eric Lim to move the infected bodies to Base AE-One. However, when Alex escorts Ragland to the base, it is displayed as Base AE-Six.