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Doctor Aubrey Shaffeld was a Gentek scientist who was involved in an experiment with Doctor Nathan Bellamy. The tests involved injecting civilians with Infected DNA.

During the mission Brain Drain, James Heller picked off Shaffeld's research team one by one. Afterwards, Heller used his sonar ability to sniff out Shaffeld himself. A transport was called to evacuate Shaffeld to zone India Zulu Seven. But Heller intervened, and he consumed Shaffeld.

Node of Intrigue[]

Dr. Shaffeld: "I can't believe this. The data we're getting--actual damage to civilians, at the hands of weaponized specimens? It's priceless!"
Galloway: "Doctor Shaffeld, Unless you have something to say regarding Gentek's bottom line, I'd advise you to keep your mouth shut."
Dr. Shaffeld: "Sorry, Ms. Galloway."
—Dr. Aubrey Shaffeld, during a conversation with Sabrina Galloway[src]