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M4 carbine
Assault rifle
Also known as

M4 carbine


Automatic rifle

Rate of fire/attack

850 RPM



Effective against


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The Assault rifle is the standard weapon of the US Marines and Blackwatch troopers.


The assault rifle is one of the basic firearms used by the Prototypes. Since Alex Mercer was a scientist before his death, he required training in order to operate this weapon efficiently. By consuming military personnel, Alex was able to use the rifle more effectively.

Tactical overview[]

The assault rifle is a fully-automatic carbine variant with a Rail Interface System and a vertical foregrip attached to the hand guard. Assault rifles are highly effective against infected civilians and Walkers, while causing minor damage to the Hunters and Brawlers.


  • Despite the Marines clearly wearing body armor, they can be killed with a single shot.
  • The weapon is rendered to look detailed from a distance, but if zoomed in on, the weapon is clearly of low detail and is very boxy, most likely to even out the gameplay as you won't be using this weapon all the time. Also note: the M4/M16 rifle has a fixed, triangular stock during the first mission, however, immediately following the first mission, all the rifles have a telescopic stock instead.
  • In Prototype 2, the Blackwatch and the Marines now use customized M4A1 assault rifles, instead of M16 rifles, which were used in Prototype.
  • In some cutscenes, soldiers are seen with M16A4 rifles, though they are never used in gameplay.