Archer's Contact
Archer's Contact was an Evolved working alongside Karen Archer. He was disguised as a Blackwatch soldier stationed at Base Adams. James Heller was able to lure him out of hiding by using a Biobomb on a Blackwatch officer. After weakening him, Heller consumed Archer's contact to find out what he knew.

Node of IntrigueEdit

Soldier: "Dr. Gutierrez, you're sure this effect will propagate?"
Dr. Gutierrez: "Even a small sample introduced as a larger specimen will facilitate the conversion. Archer simply needs the exact process."
Soldier: "And it'll really do this thing? What you described?"
Dr. Gutierrez: "Rest assured. As soon as he makes the connection, Mercer will control every last drop of Whitelight in existence, right down to the molecular level."
—Karen Archer's contact, during a conversation with Dr. Gutierrez[src]
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