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"The revelation. It freed me. It killed me."
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"Koenig is a tottering, whiny old fool with a dose of mad scientist thrown in for good measure."
Anton Koenig
Koenig Concept 1.png
In-Game Information
Affiliations Gentek
Alex Mercer
Profession Lead virologist of Gentek.
Misc. Information
Gender Male
Current status Deceased (Consumed)
Weapons Can shapeshift his arms into blades.
Real World Information
Appears in Prototype 2: The Survivors
Prototype 2
Voice actor Robert Morse

Dr. Anton Koenig was the lead virologist of Gentek and responsible for its major projects conducted in New York City. After the second outbreak occurred, Koenig worked with Blackwatch and experimented on various infected creatures. He was eventually recruited by Alex Mercer and became one of his Evolved.[1]


Early life[]

It is unknown when Koenig started working for Gentek. During the second outbreak, Koenig became responsible for many major projects in NYZ. He was also part of Project Orion, Blackwatch's second attempt at creating Super soldiers.[2]

Eventually, he was contacted by Alex Mercer and was recruited into his army of Evolved. Koenig started to work undercover, deliberately hiding sensitive information from Blackwatch while recruiting more scientists for Mercer's army.[1]

The Test Subject[]

"The raw data we 're collecting is like nothing I've ever seen before!"
―Koenig seeing the initial data recorded from Heller test.[src]

Koenig operated on James Heller following his infection, and was fascinated by the fact that he was still alive despite being flooded with the virus. Wanting to put Heller through a series of tests, his fascination grew after seeing the initial data recorded, as he had never seen anyone like Heller before.

When Col. Douglas Rooks gave the order to destroy Heller, Koenig objected vehemently, instead advising Heller to consume more infected to survive, a choice which put him at odds with the Colonel. After Heller escaped from the lab, he targeted Anton not knowing that he was working with Mercer.[1]

Aiding Heller[]

Eventually, Heller cornered Koenig at one of the bases. Koenig tried to convince Heller that he was trying to help him by revealing the locations of a Blackwatch project, codenamed Orion. Heller believed him and set out to destroy the project. However, after Heller consumed one of the leading scientists he learned that Koenig was observing him in order to measure his strength, and that he now knew how to kill him. Enraged at this act of betrayal, Heller contacted the doctor and told him that he was coming after him.[1]


"I'm what you could've of been. What you were suppose to be. I'm going to prove that to Mercer. Prove he's mistaken about you. And when he sees how flawed you are... I'll be there, watching, while you die."
―Koenig to Heller, after revealing his powers. [src]

Koenig, preparing to fight Heller to the death.

Koeing contacted Blackwatch to evacuate him, but Heller managed to destroy the soldiers guarding the base where he was hiding. During the evacuation, Koenig boarded one of the gunships and ordered the pilot to attack Heller instead of evacuating. However, Heller destroyed the gunship and tried to consume Koenig, only to be attacked and discover he was one Mercer's Evolved.[1]

Koenig stated that Alex Mercer required someone inside Gentek to get information. He then began to mock Heller, claiming that he wanted to prove to Mercer that he should be his second in command, and to do that, he had to kill Heller.[1]

The two then fought to the death. Eventually, however, Heller overpowered Koenig and consumed him, gaining the knowledge that Mercer had spies in both Gentek and Blackwatch.[1]

After his disappearance, Koenig was replaced by Dr. Archer as Gentek Chief Virologist. Colonel Rooks suspected heavily Heller was involved and ordered Riley to look for the doctor, having suspected Koenig and his team to have manipulated Blackwatch’s Whitelight.

Personality and Traits[]

Koenig firstly appeared as a calm, controlled and pacific individual. He looked to be rather friendly, not showing sadism or indifference towards human sufferance, just an unusual fascination towards Blacklight and it's effect on living being, like on the sergeant James Heller.

Behind this frail mask, Koenig was actually a cold and ruthless man, being not just one of the several, merciless Gentek scientists, but also one of Mercer’s Evolved, being responsible of several, brutal experiments on innocent civilians and also part of Mercer’s plan. He was a good actor and liar, usually pretending to be just forced to serve Gentek and being on Heller’s side, while actually manipulating and planning the latter’s death. Koenig was also extremely hypocritical, constantly blaming and showing disgust for Blackwatch’s violent methods despite his own actions and experiments. Like both his colleagues, the Gentek scientists and Evolved, Koenig was very arrogant, considering everyone around him, Blackwatch soldiers and Heller, as uneducated idiots and attacking Heller without even considering he could be defeated and killed.

Koenig was very loyal toward the Evolved, believing the outbreak was creating a new world for their race, and that ”evil” was a relative concept. Despite this, he was willing to disobey Mercer and trying to kill Heller despite the latter being suppose to be Mercer’s favorite. Koenig showed an open dislike towards Heller, trying everything and even refusing to escape in order to kill him. He was also so arrogant that he refused to beg for his life, mocking Heller even in his final moments.