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Air upgrades are part of the movement upgrades. By obtaining these upgrades, navigation within the city became easier for the Prototypes.


Main article: Airdash

Airdash and Airdash boost.

Airdash can be used to avoid projectiles, get extra distance in a jump, or change your trajectory in mid-flight. This ability was further mutated in order to increase speed and distance.


Main article: Glide

Glide is a vital ability to increase the movement options. Glide can be used to travel an estimated distance with sufficient boost. It can also be used to drop into military bases without attracting attention.

Air Recovery[]

"Launched by an explosion or attack? Use the Air Recovery to twist out early."

Air recovery is a useful upgrade in combat. When thrown back by an attack or an explosion, an early twist can help get back onto their feet.

Tactical overview[]

Air Recovery.

Air upgrades aid in dexterity, stealth, and dodging abilities immeasurably. Airdash provides a quick boost through air, in any direction. It allows easy navigation through the city and evade incoming ordnance, particularly objects thrown at Mercer by the Hunters. It's main use is in conjunction with Glide. Alex gains a quick boost while gliding to increase the distance of the glide. With the combination of Airdash Double boost and glide, Alex can travel from one end of the city to another quickly with little trouble.