A Labor of Love
A Labor of Love
Big Juggernauts!
Mission Stats
Game Prototype 2
Episode 23
Zone Red Zone
Additional Info
Opposition Blackwatch soldier
Blackwatch officer
Super Soldier
Spiked Brawler
Previous Lost in the System
Next Murder Your Maker

A Labor of Love is the fifth mission in the Red Zone area in Prototype 2.

The Bigger 'Man'Edit

Returning to Dana, Heller asks if she has anything on Amaya's location, until Rooks appears on //BLACKNET, showing that he has Amaya at Gentek HQ. Heller blindly rushes in, pounding at the reinforced door, until an Alpha Juggernaut arrives on the scene. Consuming it, Heller is granted control of a pack of Juggernauts, which he then directs to tearing down the door. He also discovers that his powers have increased tenfold, and unleashes his full fury in defense of the pack...

Lost, Found, and Lost AgainEdit

Upon his entrance of Gentek HQ, Heller confronts Rooks, who then shoots two of his own men, and shows Heller where Amaya is before leaving. However, when Heller enters the room, he finds the tip of Galloway's Blade. She taunts Heller, then escapes through a hole in the building, to deliver Amaya to Mercer...

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